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SXSW Band of the Week: Fizzy Blood, the Interview

We interviewed Fizzy Blood after their show at Latitude 30 during SXSW…

Tell us who you are.

We are Fizzy Blood from the UK.

What part of the UK are you from?

Leeds… Leeds.. Leeds.. Leeds.. UK. Fizzy Blood from Leeds, in the UK.

Is this your first time in the US?

Yes, the first time in the states. Like the first time ever in the country.

What do you think of the US?

It’s cool. It’s amazing. It is like the UK turned up to 11.

Why didn’t you say 10? That’s the bigger one.

Because it just goes up to 11. We are a fun bunch of people.

We like your shirt. It is very Texas…

Thank you. I wore it especially for this. I mean I don’t know how I can sonically convey what I am wearing. It has stallions and the American flag. Well I don’t want to look scruffy.


(You can’t go wrong with this shirt in Texas)

What were your expectations when you came to SXSW?

We try not to have any when we come to a new place because you just set yourself up for a disappointment. So we really didn’t know what to expect. We are very overwhelmed  because it has been great.

How many shows have you played since being here?

Just two, last night and then today.

Have you seen anything bizarre since being here in Austin?

Oh yeah. We saw Moon Landing, who was fucking great. The singer shit himself on stage. On purpose. So that was pretty bizarre.

A lot of guys handing out mix tapes. We’ve also seen the biggest lady we have ever seen in our lives at The Burger King we went to this morning. She had like four whoppers or something like that. No, four whopper meals.

We know who you were but really didn’t know much about you. Do you have an album out, or one coming out?

We are working on our first album at the minute. We don’t have any idea when it will be out. Hopefully this year, maybe next, but it is coming.

We have an EP out, Feast, and we just released two singles after that. You can get them on Spotify.

We were not expecting what we saw in there. I had talked to Cieran before the show and he was so nice and polite, so I guess I was expecting music, you know, more proper and nice like him. The minute you got on stage we were like oh no…

Whiskey takes over you know.

What are your future plans?

We go on tour back in the UK at the end of April. Then towards the end of the year we’ve got some stuff coming up which we can’t really say much about.

Cause we really don’t now to much about it.

That’s part of the fun though, if we worked 9-5 it’d be fucking boring.

(To Paul) I really love your hair.

Aww, thank you.

It is very Russell Brand.

This dude that wanted to work with us after the show last night, the first thing he said to me was ‘Do you always wear your hair like that?’ in the way you could tell he didn’t like my hair.

It was only to do over Cieran’s hair.

He does have nice hair.

He is pretty glorious. He is like fucking L’Oreal up there on stage.


IMG_1907Thank you guys for letting us speak with you. We had great fun!

Cieran or Paul… you can decide for yourselves, we think they both are pretty awesome.

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