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SXSW Band of The Week: Summer Heart, In Concert

WHO: Summer Heart

WHEN: Saturday March 19, 2016

WHERE: Icenhauser, Austin TX, SXSW


At one AM on the last night of SXSW we found ourselves in a crowded club, exhausted from a busy week of shows and interviews, trying to convince ourselves not to leave, to stay put so we could see Summer Heart.

By the time David , and fellow FEWS member Frederick took to the stage, all we were thinking about was the bed we should have been in and the long early trek to home awaiting us the next day.IMG_1347

It didn’t take long to forget about all the feelings of exhaustion, or that we had to be up early to leave, David’s warm hazy voice, his computer fill of drum loops  and synths transported us to another place completely.

When he named the band Summer Heart, he did well. The music, which is dreamy lo-fi chill wave,  would warm even the coldest of days, your mind descending to a warm unbleached summer day.

The lyrics float about David and Frederick’s jangling guitars in a hazy celestial chorus, surprisingly though , if you listen closely to the lyrics, they are not all sunshine and lollipops. Beat of My Heart, one of my favorite songs that were played that night, starts with the line

” One little darling’s only job was to break my heart…”

IMG_1343The lyrics are honest and authentic, much like Davis himself.

Personally, I thought I might be distracted by the fact that Summer House really isn’t a ” Band “, as much as it is a man with his computer . I was not. The finely tuned and crafted synths and drums that played along with the live guitars, make you forget that a full band is not on stage.

The show. The music. The atmosphere they created around us. All this was relaxing , intoxicating, simple, yet brilliant, and all the weariness that had taken its toll over the past week seemed to drift away on the breeze that circled around us in the outdoor venue.

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