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SXSW Round 1: Artists to Watch

The first RSVP has already been sent back. The first round of performers have been announced, and we are patiently waiting for another announcement next week. All this indicates that SXSW is gearing up and so are we.

It is one of our favourite festivals. One of the few times that most of us here are all together in one place, and then there is the music, some we have already listen to, and so much we will discover.

Over the next few months, between busily RSVPing to parties, and mapping out our days while we are there ( yes, we graph it out so we don’t miss a thing), we will be going over the list of performers highlighting some of the ones we are most excited about and sharing them with you. We are starting at the top of the first round and moving on as each is announced so stay with us!


I have been a long time fan of this Sydney Australia brother and sister duo. With a string of hits, such as  Big Jet Plane and Mango Tree, I am excited at the opportunity to finally see them perform live and to hear what newness they will be bringing with them.

This will shock my co-writers, hell I shocked even myself liking this , but I am looking forward to checking out this girl fronted band from Denmark. Their music is grungy blues infused rock and roll that is heavy on the guitars.
It took me a minute, but as the song picked up so did my interest in this Brisbane Australia band. Such a catchy little tune.
Born in Hertfordshire, schooled at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, James Bay gives us simple folk music that speaks to the heart.
We have covered this band a lot recently, we are a bit excited about our luck at being able to see him live.

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