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Tales from the Queue: Arctic Monkeys in Cleveland, OH

We arrived at the Cleveland venue at about 1 in the afternoon, which was unusual for us because the GATRS love to arrive early and scope out the venue but Cleveland didn’t seem too interested in queuing.
Regardless of guest list or not, the GATRS always queue.
Of course we bitch and moan about queuing in any weather but either we’re masochists or we just secretly enjoy it.
Queuing is actually fun. You can get to know people in line and swap crazy gig stories but there’s also the long periods of waiting.

Lilly, Sydney, and Donna at their first Arctic Monkeys show.

We met a trio of girls that were standing in the queue next to us.
Lilly, 16, is from the Cleveland area. Her friend Sidney, also 16, traveled from Ashville, North Carolina. While Donna, 16, is also from the Cleveland area.
We talked to the girls about their queuing experience, which then led to Arctic Monkeys’ music. Lilly admitted to us that she was really just along for the ride and didn’t know much about Arctic Monkeys but was looking forward to hearing them sing Do I Wanna Know? and I Bet You Looked Good on the Dancefloor. Sidney seemed to be the biggest fan of the bunch, saying that she had discovered the band about two years before when she first heard Fluorescent Adolescent. We got to talking about b-sides she quickly said Electricity was her favorite (which is the b-side to R U Mine?). Donna told us she was a recent fan, she fell in love with Do I Wanna Know?
All three said they were looking forward to seeing a great show, since it was their first AM show.
We gave them a few pointers on how to make it to the barrier, because the GATRS love our fellow rocker girls. We let them know to ditch their backpacks and to use small bags for gigs because security takes time to check through bags, also let them know that flip-flops can be a hazard when trying to secure a barrier spot. The GATRS wanted to make sure they got front row for their first show because we know how that experience feel like, so hopefully we were of some help.

2014-06-22 15.10.36

Next, we saw someone from the queue on the opposite end. He immediately caught our eye with his fitted jeans that were rolled up and cuffed and a short-sleeved button down.. We have to admit, we were intrigued by his style because it screams retro and classic Alex Turner suave. His name is Owen and he pretty much stole our hearts. Owen completed his look with a folding pocket comb. It was obvious by the way Owen was dressed that he was a big fan of Arctic Monkeys, especially Alex Turner. Owen is 16 and is from the Cleveland area. It was his second time seeing the band perform live and was completely excited to see them perform closeup.
Much like Sidney, the first song he had ever heard by the band was Fluorescent Adolescent, his favourite b-side is Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You.
We were still hung up on his retro style, so the GATRS just had to ask if his choice of clothing was a usual thing or just for the concert. He politely told us that it was in fact how he usually dresses but he amps it up from time to time.
The GATRS have since become friends with Owen on Instagram and trust us when we say that he pretty much could give Alex Turner a run for his money on most days.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESOwen was with his friends like Emmett who is 15, is also from the Cleveland area. He’s new to Arctic Monkeys and wasn’t too familiar with songs other than Do I Wanna Know? Emmett’s little brother Cullen, 13, was more interested in the opening band White Denim and was really enthused to talk about them as we as other music. We got to talk to Emmett and Cullen about music, more specifically punk music and our love for it which bonded our new friendship. We got to know2014-06-22 17.06.01 about their band, Archie and the Bunkers, which they described as a mix of acid jazz meets garage punk and a twist of blues-y rock. Anyone who describes their music as such, catches our attention.
Nick, the last of the group was also a huge punk rock fan we spent a lot of time discussing punk bands while we queued. This was his first AM concert and was undecided about his favorite b-side. He’s not too familiar but was excited to see something different.

This is why the GATRS queue, we love to meet people who share our affinity and love of music whether it’s punk, indie, or what have you. It’s an incredible bonding experience that every concert goer should experience.

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