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Concert Review: Temples at Osheaga

Being at the Temples set at Osheaga was like being at a hipster’s version of Woodstock.
People of all ages were dressed in their finest hippy threads. Some were probably wearing the clothes they originally wore in the late 60’s and early 70’s. It was the stage where the young and the not so young united.

IMG_0958The air was thick and it was coated with the smell of weed. Blue and green balloons bounced above the crowd on the warm day. I hadn’t imagined it to be that warm in Montreal but that didn’t stop lead singer James Bagshaw from walking out on stage in a suede fringed jacket that seemed to fit in perfectly.

I first discovered Temples back in May of 2013, they were hardly a blip on the radar back then but their trippy psych sound was right up my alley and I quickly became a fan.
The first time we saw them live was in Austin, were they performed a short set at Waterloo Records during SXSW. It was then, after seeing them live, that our interest in them really peaked. Not only were these guys great performers, but they were the sweetest humans.
The GATRS have now seen them perform live several times now, Three times in fact on just this road trip.They have yet to fail to disappoint us with their performance.

I noticed as I watched them at Osheaga that I had also watched them grow as performers. Each time I see them, they are more polished. The shyness that we first encountered in Austin has long been put aside and they have more interaction with the crowd. In fact the day we saw them in Montreal, James led the crowd in singing happy birthday to bass player Thomas Warmsley.

The set list is still the same because they only have their debut album to pick songs from but it doesn’t matter, the songs they perform have a timeless feel to them and never seem to get stale. Maybe that is their appeal. Young and not so young are drawn in. The older ones reliving the trippy music that has since past, while younger ones are discovering it.

Being in the crowd at a Temples concert makes you want to sway in a Nag Champa scented breeze, maybe smoke a joint or two, if that is what you are in to… It is certainly how the people of Osheaga were feeling.

Set Played:

Sun Structures

Question Isn’t Answered


Colours to Life


Move with the Season

Keep in the Dark

Sand Dance


Shelter Song

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