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Concert Review: Temples at SXSW

Temples are one of the most buzzed-about bands out of the U.K. in recent years. They’re cited by the incredible Noel Gallagher as the best new band in Britain and they also have gotten high praise from the legendary Johnny Marr so if that doesn’t get your attention maybe their undeniably groovy sound will.

I heard Temples would be performing at SXSW so naturally I had to make sure to be there when they performed, I love a good psychedelic sound.

Fast forward to Saturday, March 15th, we made our way to Waterloo Records to watch the 1975 (although we arrived when they finished and were doing a meet/greet) so until Temples performed we watched Radkey and Mobb Deep.
It was a cloudy, rainy day but the weather never stops us barricade girls to make sure we see a great show.
After listening to Mobb Deep’s set from Diner 24, which is right next door to Waterloo Records, I made my way to join Teri with our friends Brandy, Mia, and Alyssa to make sure we get to watch Temples.

Despite the off/on rain at the outdoor venue, I really loved watching them perform and their music.

Their setlist included:
• Colours to Life
• Sun Structures
• Keep in the Dark
• Shelter Song

The GATRS were thankful for getting the opportunity to meet the members of Temples.

Adam Smith, James Bagshaw, and Thomas Warmsley make up the group Temples. Sam Toms was missing from the set because he got held up back in England due to problems with his Visa.
We complimented the guys on their style as well as their set and that we would look forward to seeing them again in May when they would tour with Drowners.

The GATRS got to chat to the guys more after the meet & greet was over. The guys were gracious enough to add us to their guestlist for their set that night where the GATRS took jalapeño vodka shots with Temples.

Just another day in the life of a GATR.

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