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Founder/Editor-in-Chief: Teri

Music rules my life.
I listen to it all day (no TV watching for me).
I listen to it all night (my iPod is my sleeping partner).
I plan all my vacations around band tours and previously have called in late
to my job as I wait for certain concert tickets to go on sale at 10 am.
My idea of shopping is not looking for new clothes at the mall (I buy all
mine at merch booths) but instead, digging through dusty crates at a record store to score the vinyl I love. All my wish lists are gathered on record store
websites.. In fact if I had a wedding to register for, I would register at Amoeba.

I feel there are so many genres of music because there are so many people in the world, there is music for everyone and a song for every moment of our lives.
I grew up a Punk Rocker, Joey Ramone taught me to love music, but I love indie rock and the variety that comes with it. I love The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys and a long list of others.
The music I listen to changes with my mood, but put a singer in a room alone, only with his guitar and microphone  and I will fall in love.