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Teri’s 5 fave albums of 2014…….

I had an idea of what my choices would be, but I hit the internet and read over everyone elses list, you know, to make sure I was on track with the big guys. I wasn’t. In some ways it made me think I should change my list, if Rolling Stone, NME and the other big music people were thinking something was huge, was I less of a music person thinking it wasn’t?

I talked to a friend about it and he reminded me that I didn’t start a music blog to be, or even to compete, with the big guys, I started it because I wanted an outlet for the music I loved, be it a huge popular band, or one you had never heard of. He was right of course.

That is the absolute magic in music, there are so many bands and genres floating around out there, because there are so many different people in the world. No one should make you feel that your choice in music is wrong. I picked the following 5 albums for a few simple reasons..they were very well played on my stereo, they made me laugh, or cry, or I felt excitement when I put the needle to the vinyl, in other words, they made me feel emotion, and in my mind, that is what makes a song or a album forever be a favourite.

#5-With a Little Help From My Fwends-The Flaming Lips

I was very skeptical about this album when I first heard it was being made. In my opinion, no one should ever remake an entire Beatles album, and honestly, I only listened to it because new found favourite Fever The Ghost made an appearance on it. It only took one listen to realize that Wayne Coyne and friends didn’t just remake Sgt Peppers, they recreated it. With the exception of the lyrics, this is not a Beatles album, it is all Flaming Lips. It is a spaced out, slowed down, mind trip of psychedelic music that should not be missed.

#4-Balcony-Catfish and The Bottlemen

I might be cheating a bit on this album, as it has not been officially released in the US yet, but never underestimate a girl wanting music who is holding a credit card! Balcony has been worth every penny I spent having it shipped across the pond. Hourglass…I can not get enough of this song and it is probably a bit over played at my house. Catfish and The Bottlemen remind me a lot of Peace ( a favourite band of mine ), but with a cheeky lets fuck attitude.

#3-Zaba-Glass Animals


This album has become my go to album when I crawl in to bed each night. It is beautiful and hauntingly dark. Full of woozy electronics and silky smooth vocals. BUT…it might be the lyrics that get me the most, they will leave you wondering WTF and repeating a song a few times upon first listen to make sure you heard them correctly. You don’t expect the words ” You just wanna know those peanut butter vibes” to be on such a beautiful sounding song….

#2- Sun Structures- Temples

Temples became my gateway drug to a love for psych music, which in turn has led me to many bands I may not have heard otherwise. Not only do I love their music, I love the guys in the band, a few of them have become friends over the past year. This is an album you can put on any time and just become lost in the music

#1-Listen-The Kooks


I followed my heart on picking this album as my top pick this year. My love for the guys in this band and the music they create is well known, so perhaps it will not come as a surprise for most of you. Released in October, every song on it charts on my iTunes Top 25 played songs. I have listened to it enough to drive family and friends mental, some of the songs I have been listening to since I saw the band perform them live at SXSW in March. The album shows a maturity in The Kooks and propelled them in a new direction with songs that show deep emotion or want to make you get up and dance. I waited three long years for a new album by my favourite band and they did not disappoint me.

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