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The Dead Weather Announce New Release Date for “Dodge & Burn,” Listen to Four of Their Tracks

The Dead Weather are back. They have announced their newest album Dodge & Burn a while ago. It’s their first album since 2010’s Sea of Cowards. It has 12 songs which include Open Up (That’s Enough), Rough Detective, It’s Just Too Bad, and Buzzkill(er) which have already been previously released through Third Man’s Vault subscription series. It also includes eight new songs.

A deluxe edition of the album will be available as a forthcoming release in the Third Man Vault series, it includes an alternately and very cool designed copy of the record, the I Feel Love (Every Million Miles) b/w Cop and Go in a yellow 7″, and a pack of playing cards that features the band as the King, Queen, Jack, and Joker.
Subscriptions for this installment are open until July 31.

Listen to four songs below.


The Dead Weather do not plan to tour Dodge & Burn and the album will be released on September 25th via Third Man Records.

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