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Concert Review: The Districts at Riot Room in Kansas City, MO

I owe The Districts an apology, I did not hold out much hope on them being any good (they know why) but damn them. When they opened for Temples at the Riot Room in Kansas City on October 14th, they blew my preconceived opinion of them right out of the water.

Singer Rob Grote kicked, stomped, jerked, and snarled his way through the set list and into my heart with his gravely voice and manic moves on stage. At times I was afraid that him and guitarist Pat Cassidy would collide into each other as they both shredded the strings of their guitars.

The Districts played a set that seemed to find roots in folk Rock and good Southern Rock.
Reminding me of bands such as Kings of Leon and Delta Spirit, who need to be watching these youngsters because they are out to take their rightful place among them.

The Districts music is made to be heard live. You feel it. They play hard but they can also bring it down, easing you into a sway with such songs as Long Distance and Sing Me Sweetly.

So to the guys of The Districts, you have made me a fan and you know what? I am perfectly fine with being shown I was wrong…. This time.

The GATRS had a good time hanging out with the Districts after the show, making me love them even more.
Make sure to pick up their full length LP when it comes out.

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