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Concert Review: Arctic Monkeys in Kansas City, MO

Kansas City was our fourth Arctic Monkeys show in a row, “but wait, I thought you were only going to three shows!?” Well, yeah, so did we but we are concert junkies and couldn’t resist getting our next fix.

That morning we had gotten up, taken two of the girls to the airport, and leisurely gotten ready to head back to Tulsa. A few hours into our drive, someone (Teri) brought up the fact that Kansas City was only an hour out-of-the-way.  At first the rest of us brushed the idea off. It was completely ridiculous, right?? Well apparently nothing is ridiculous when it comes to us and Arctic Monkeys. After debating a good thirty minutes, we finally decided to go for it. What did we have to lose besides an hour of our time? The problem was, we didn’t have tickets to the show and it was sold out. So, there we were, on our phones, desperately searching the internet for tickets. Meanwhile, the concert had already started, at 4 pm. We were scheduled to get there with just a few minutes to spare before the Arctic Monkeys took the stage at 10:10.  I texted or emailed about 20 to 30 random strangers from Craigslist. “Hi. I know the show started an hour ago but are your tickets still available??” They must have been confused.  We eventually managed to score three tickets for decent prices, (shout out to the AM fan who trusted us enough to give us the ticket with the promise of paying when we got home) but there were four of us, so we kept looking.  By the time we got there, we still hadn’t any luck with a fourth ticket. So what were we going to do???

Well as I said, nothing is ridiculous when it comes to this band. We were outside the venue and a guy was telling us that they stamped your hand when you went in….so we should fake a stamp right??? I know I am incriminating us by telling this, but I am actually a little bit proud. Jessica used liquid eyeliner to draw a fake stamp on Teri’s hand, then smudged it. Teri then went in playing it totally cool…………….. ****INSERT SOUND OF NEEDLE SCREECHING ACROSS VINYL HERE ****Ok, hold up. First , let me say, we here at GATRS do not really approve of you sneaking into concerts and suggest you do not try this at home…..even tho it was FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!

Second…let me tell you what they don’t know…how it went down on my side. I will admit, I was pumped. I was going to be the badass and attempt to sneak into an Arctic Monkey show, but, then again, I got to thinking WHY ME??? Why do I have to be the one??? This concert, seeing them one last time, it was my idea, I should get a ticket right??? Apparently Not according to them. So, the symbol was drawn on my hand with my trusty Smashbox liquid liner ( who knew being a makeup artist would come in handy at a concert ), then I spit on it to give it a worn off look, after all, the concert had been going on since 4 and here it was nearing 10 pm. I walked to the door, my heart was beating HARD, I felt sick, I turned away and looked at Jessica as I began to walk towards the car….” I cant do this. You three go on and enjoy the concert…” EVEN tho we had vowed, we all go or none of us go. I heard the three of them screaming at me, but my mind never processed what they were saying, I was upset, I was mad. I remember getting to the corner, I had to turn it to get to the car, but something stopped me and I thought..” Fuck this….I can do this. If I want to see Jamie Cook play War Pigs one last time…I could do this…”

I walked past the girls and said I was going in and walked up to the lady who guarded the door. I held my hand out to show her my makeshift stamp. I felt like my hands were shaking, actually, I felt like my whole body was shaking but I could pass it off as being a smoker out in the cold right?? She grabbed my hand and looked at my stamp. At this point I  think I stopped breathing. Behind her stood this massive black man, she turned to him and all she said was …” Go get….” and he walked away. All I could think was SHIT, their stamp ink is black lighted or something like that and I am fixing to get caught. I remember looking behind me for Jessica, Barbabra and Naomi, of course the three rats had disappeared, I am sure hiding in case I got caught. The man came back in a few seconds, but it seemed like forever as I stood there and heard my heart beat and heavy breathing, and before I realized he was stamping my hand because mine had worn off and I might want to go back out. I tried not to run. I tried to be calm . I walked pass the two of them hyperventilating, I think I even walked in a few circles trying to calm myself and figure out what to do next. Finally I met up with the girls in the bathroom where we got a fit of giggles and screams…. Back to Barbara…………

She got in!!! Yes, one of us snuck into an Arctic Monkeys concert. Pretty bad ass huh??? After the rest of us went in , we had our brief “ OHMYGOD WE DID IT. WE CAME TO THE SHOW… WE GOT TICKETS… YOU SNUCK IN OH MY GOD WE ARE REALLY HERE ” moment, got some celebratory beers, then made our way into the theatre.

We obviously were not in the front, which was new for us, but it was an amazing show nonetheless. Even tho there were lots of people around us sitting down and not singing along (lame), we danced and sang our hearts out. The sound was actually better from the back, which was a nice change! When they played 505, we decided to try to make our way closer to the front since people were not packed in to tightly. We made it about half way through the crowd until we decided it wasn’t worth it and stopped to enjoy the song. Let me tell you, I have never been so into a song as I was in that moment. I don’t know what it was, but I was so utterly and completely lost in the music, more than I have ever been, and that is saying a lot. After 505 ended we went back to our spots in the back, where we stayed until the end. By the time the last song was over- RU Mine? of course the four of us were so exhausted from rocking out that we just set down in chairs for a few moments trying to absorb what we had just done. Eventually we got ushered out by security and we made our way outside to wait by the tour bus. The guys came out, but went straight to the bus, but not before a guy had Alex and Nick sign his guitar!

I was so incredibly happy that I had the opportunity to do this, and with amazing people also. I am excited to do it again the end of January. Although the sound was great from the back and we had lots more room to dance, we just cant stay away from that barricade. January, bring it on.

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