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The Franklys, ‘Are You Listening?’

Occasionally, (or often) you may find yourself in an angry, ardent, or perhaps just wiry mood and yearn for something loud. In a similar fashion, I came across The Franklys and was fortunate to give the band’s forthcoming LP, Are You Listening? a proper listen—and yes, I’m a fan.  What lured me to this project wasn’t that stylistically I was craving something thrashing, but instead was the band’s distinctive approach to the garage rock genre.

The U.K-based rock group is composed of Jennifer Ahlkvist (guitar/lead vocals), Fanny Broberg (guitar/backing vocals), Zoe Biggs (bass) and Lexi Clark (percussion). Each member contributes a distinct sound and altogether prove to be a seamless sonic amalgamation.

The production on this album is a major highlight as its instrumentation melts together to form a thick, energetic, yet melodic impression. Moreover, its heavy drums, gritty guitar riffs, and loud bass lines thrive well against the LP’s raw and impassioned vocals. The album’s sonic makeup has audible similarities to not just other garage rock groups but also, post-punk, grunge, and at times, has elements of skate punk. Influences from musical groups such as The Hives, The Courtneys, The Slits, and The Misfits are audible while still staying true to the group’s ethos and personality.

Lyrically, this LP centers around themes of heartbreak, love, betrayal and struggles with past relationships—topics that are all-too-universal and intensely relatable. Some stand-out tracks are “You Go, I Leave,” “Weasel,” and perhaps their best, “Castaway”—with its torchy, hot, and distorted sound that adequately sets the stage for the remainder of the album.

If anything, this album isn’t just exhilarating, but equally therapeutic as it invites listeners to scream their hearts out, experience rage, betrayal, love, and hopefully towards its culmination, a sense of relief?—that’s for you to decide. The album is set to release this June, be sure to give it a listen and rock-on about your day.

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