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The GATRS Interview Best Behavior

With our first listen of Best Behavior‘s Bad Habit, we couldn’t stop just there, we wanted to hear more. The first play was like an immediate punch, the guitar riffs and catchy as hell beats, and that bass.. It was like garage meets, SoCal vibes, with some psych-rock infused with some killer harmonies. Whatever it was we heard, we loved it. Their LP, Good Luck Bad Karma was released August 14th via Bandcamp and it’s been on repeat for the GATRS.

GATR Teri got the opportunity to talk to Alex from about the band since we really enjoyed their album, we wanted everyone else to get to know them too.

GATR Teri: When did you form the band and what inspired you to make music together?
Alex: We started playing together in January but I started recording demos for this project last summer, kind of in July/August. So I had recorded some demos myself and got the guys together to play the tunes out live, so thats kind of how it got started. We had known each other from playing around in Brooklyn.
GATR Teri: Are you originally from Brooklyn?
 No Im originally from Virginia, actually but we’re all kindly living in Brooklyn
GATR Teri: Brooklyn’s got a nice little music scene going there doesn’t it?
Alex: It really is. There’s a lot happening. There’s a lot of talent in Brooklyn. I think it keeps getting better and better. There’s kind of a garage rock scene happening in Bushwick that’s kind of exciting.
GATR Teri: What made you choose the instruments you play now? Was it brand loyalty, the model, the style, or just economics?
Alex: Like model guitar that I use? *Teri answers yes* Well I use a Danelectro and the things I like about it are it looks beautiful and it’s got that twang that I really like but it’s kind of like got sentimental value to me because I actually found it in a friends laundry like basket and I found it one year there and came back the next year and it was still there. So I was like, you know man I’m taking this. This is mine now. And I’ve been using it ever since.
GATR Teri: So they just disposed of it in the laundry *laughs*
Alex:  Yeah it was like literally still in that hamper and I was like this is mine now *chuckles* I’m gonna take better care of it *chuckles*.
GATR Teri: Such an odd place to keep a guitar, in a hamper *laughs*
Alex:  I think he got it from his ex-girlfriend, so he wasn’t too concerned about it.
GATR Teri: Ahh. I have a son that plays guitar and actually.. Every time he breaks up with a girl he buys a new one (guitar) and then names it after them
Alex:  You know men *laughs*
GATR Teri: What has been your favorite venue to play and what’s been your least favorite?
Alex:  My favorite venue that we’ve played so far, our favorite venue in Brooklyn has got to be Muchmore, which is really tiny. It’s kind of has more of a diy vibe to it but when you’re playing there.. It’s closest thing to a house party that you can get at a venue, and I love rockish shows there. The worst venue that we’ve ever played, umm I don’t know if there’s anymore.. If there’s a bad venue. If they’re hosting music it’s better than any other place.
GATR Teri: True. Have you toured a lot?
Alex:  You know, we’ve only been playing since January and we just played some out town shows, we went up to Portchester and played the Capitol Theater and went then we went down to Richmond and played at Hardywood Brewery that has things on Saturdays and we actually played at a diy house spot called our house which was one of those classic house party moments where it looks like a movie set or something.
GATR Teri: That’s cool. So, do you have any upcoming shows?
Alex:  Oh yeah we do, well tomorrow we are performing at Union Pool and that’s gonna be a blast, afterwards we’re going to be playing lots of New York stuff (shows) and then we’ll be heading out which we’re very excited about.
GATR Teri: So when you play onstage, do you have a setlist or do you just wing it?
Alex: Ya know, we’ve stopped winging it because I think everyone on stage can’t hear each other and it’s like “what? What’s the next one?” So we definitely have a setlist now. We played a recent a show and I totally forgot it, it only made me remember of why we need one.
GATR Teri: How do you pick the songs that are on the setlist?
Alex: I think when your making a setlist, it’s like when you’re making a story, there’s a kind of edit/flow to it and you want to set them up with something exciting and kind of take them on a journey and end with something big and memorable, to have that big ending *laughs*

GATR Teri: I’ve always wondered how people go about picking their songs and I’ve never asked that before *laughs*
Alex: They’re like your children, ya know some of them are better than other *both laugh*

Check back tomorrow for part two of our interview with Best Behavior but until then, listen to to Good Luck Bad Karma.. After the first play, you’ll know why we can’t get enough of these guys!

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