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The GATRS Interview PINS

PINS are one of those bands that cover all moods. Upon first glance, you’d think the Mancunian band were from Bowery in NYC with touches of Warhol superstars mixed with the attitude of the CBGB era. The outcome is a very cool band (that happen to be all girls) who even opened up for Sleater-Kinney. Just look at the video for their RSD release, Trouble.

Girls and guys, and every gender in between, try not to fall in love with PINS… It’ll be difficult but just read our interview with Faith and Lois and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

GATR Naomi: Let’s get the token “girl band” bullshit out of the way. Your band is a totally kickass band that just happens to be all girls and most of your songs are empowering and make me feel as if I can go out with my girl gang and live life to the fullest. Is that something that you strive for?

Faith: I’m not sure it’s something we actively strive for but I’m glad it makes you feel that way.

Lois: I think its more something we do, we write music and travel the world and do as much as we can whilst we doing that. For me a lot of Faiths lyrics reflect that attitude.

GATR Naomi: What is PINS origin story?

Faith:after trying and failing to join multiple bands, I decided to make my own. The first person I met that I wanted to make music with was Anna, she hadn’t ever played bass until I handed her one.

GATR Naomi: For those who have not heard of PINS, how would you describe your sound?

Faith: I don’t know, it’s hard to describe your own music. Other people say punk, post punk, garage rock but I don’t know.. Rock n roll suits me.

GATR Naomi: I love the name PINS. It’s sharp and to the point (pun intended). How did the name come to be?

Faith: I hate this question because I don’t have an exciting answer, we didn’t have a name until we booked the first show and then promoters needed something for the posters. We all wanted a short name that looked good written down, a friend said Pins, It’s what we call legs, y’know like ‘she has great pins’ I think it’s a British thing though, no one knows what I’m talking about when I tell the story in the US.

GATR Naomi: Your new Record Store Day release Trouble is not only a visual stunner but probably my current anthem. What inspired the track and video?

Faith: thank you, It’s a but if a wild card, Lois and I wrote it in about half an hour, we were fooling around in our practice space, I was playing drums and she was on the guitar. We didn’t know it was going to be a Pins track, we recorded it as a two piece at first, the original version is way more electronic.

Lois: We adapted the song in the studio, and our friends Olivier Richomme and Sarah Jenny Johnson directed the video. We wanted something, simple, distorted, dark and dirty.

GATR Naomi: Your videos are pieces of cinematic artistry, what is your thought process for them?

Faith: Well, we can’t take all the credit, we usually work with a director, I think the most cinematic one is the video for Young Girls.

Lois: we usually work with someone on a basic idea and then they the sound of the song and go from there. Often we work in a studio but I still love Luvu4lyf, that was done with Sing. J. Lee in the Welsh wilderness. I still remember how cold it was but it was worth it.

Young Girls




GATR Naomi: What inspires you musically and personally?

Lois: It can really be anything and everything. Simple ideas from all kinds of music, attitudes, and experiences from anyone you meet. If you’re open to it, you can make what you want.

GATR Naomi: How do you fight back against the stereotyping of being a band, that happens to be all girls, in the music industry?

Lois: I think the best way is to just be a female band that works in the industry. We don’t want anything special, just equality.

GATR Naomi: Is there a certain artist (or person) that inspired you to form a band?

Lois: Lots. Brody Dalle was really important to me as a female vocalist with an aggressive style. But I love loads of old punk music, I started playing the guitar because of that.

GATR Naomi: Musical inspirations?

Faith: I feel inspired every time I listen to a record or the radio or watch a band or hear the soundtrack on a TV show or film. Of course, there are musicians and bands that I love love love but it’s not that important for songwriting, anything can spark it.

GATR Naomi: Your band’s image is very much a look after my own heart. How does fashion or imagery come into play? How important is it for the band?

Lois: I think the same as the music it’s part of the creative process, we love playing with that. We make our own visuals, backdrops, sometimes our own videos. I started making my own clothes for stage too cos it’s loads cheaper and you can get whatever you want.

GATR Naomi: Representation is something important to me, so seeing a badass band like yourself is refreshing to see. Many girls feel underrepresented or misrepresented as only bubble gum pop worthy (nothing wrong with it but female bands are often pigeonholed). Is that something that comes to mind for you?

Lois: I feel very aware of how under and misrepresented women are especially in the punk/metal scene. I always felt like the only girl at the show, a lot of that scene is male dominated. But I was still there – and that’s the point, you can really do whatever you want, I think it’s better when you can finally hear a band that sings something you can give a shit about. There are tons of essays and articles written about this problem, as it’s something people are finally/still talking about. (Recently Meredith graves, Sleater-Kinney worth checking out amongst others x)

Faith: and Bethany from Best Coast too and Billy from The Subways!

GATR Naomi: With the constant ignorance and misogyny in the industry, does it ever get to be too much? How do you snap back to keep going?

Lois: There’s five of us, so we look after each other and people usually don’t mess with us.

GATR Naomi: On a lighter note, what are your guilty pleasure albums or songs?

Lois: Currently Bridge Over Troubled Water, the album, by Simon and Garfunkel.

Faith: that’s not a guilty pleasure Lois, it’s pure pleasure.

GATR Naomi: Most embarrassing track on your ipod/phone?

Lois: Probably I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston.

GATR Naomi: What else is in store for PINS?

Lois: As much as possible.

Keep an eye out for PINS because they’re an enchanting band with stunning visuals and have the musical chops to match. Their latest album, Wild Nights, is out now via Bella Union.

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