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The Jacques Reveal New Single: “Eleanor Ring Me”

The Jacques are an upcoming four-piece out of Bristol that have been on the rise since the release of their debut EP, Pretty DJ. They’ve played the world-renowned Reading and Leeds Fest and have even made it across the pond twice within the past year, playing shows in New York City and Austin, Texas. Now they’ll be playing a new single, one entitled Eleanor Ring Me, coming to you May 20th.

They’ve brought us brilliant hits in the past like This is England and The Artful Dodger, but Eleanor Ring Me offers a slower tempo and a darker sound that you’re sure to love. The song begins with addicting riffs of guitar and Fin’s raspy vocals that coincide with the lyrics perfectly. This track has a punk-rock take shadowed by a modern twist. The catchy melodies and hooks show a different side of The Jacques, but one that only they can accomplish.

“This tune is a kick at the people and things that we are distancing ourselves from now. I don’t think that lyrically it needs making sense of, but those who wish to interpret it will do that anyway of course. As I said though, just a kick.” -The Jacques

Eleanor Ring Me will be released on iTunes May 20, 2016 via Vegan Cyanide. Follow up with The Jacques and their future journey by giving them a like or follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Sound Cloud. You can preview their latest single, Eleanor Ring Me, below.