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The Kooks: Edgefest, Frisco Texas

WHO: The Kooks

WHERE: Edgefest, Toyota Stadium, Frisco Texas

WHEN: Saturday April 25, 2015

Edgefest, the small annual festival that takes place in Dallas Texas, offered up a fairly decent line-up this year. Joywave, Vance Joy, Yelawolf, Hozier, New Politics and Deathcab For Cutie, along with others, were all there to perform, but it was The Kooks that actually got me to the Toyota Stadium on such a hot day.DSCF0329wm

The Kooks ( Luke Pritchard, Hugh Harris, Peter Denton and Alexis Nunez )  were the first band to take over the Main Stage, playing at 1:00 in the afternoon. This was a bit of a sore spot with me, not only did I have to get up early to drive the 4 hours down to Dallas in order to be there in plenty of time to see them, but mostly I felt the band needed a higher billing, after all the small US tour the band is embarking on beginning tonight ( Sunday April 26)  is close to being a sell out.

They came out on stage and immediately began to play an old favourite, Oh La. Instantly the small group of people near me busted out in cheers and dancing. Those of us who were near the front, were there to see The Kooks and we were excited. After the song, lead man Luke Pritchard introduced the band as ” The Kooks from England ” and mentioned that it was ” fucking hot in Texas “. Afterwards, they went straight into Bad Habit. The current hit on many Alt radio stations got the small crowd going, proving they were getting plenty of air play here in the states.

The set was short, the band only played 7 songs. But despite the heat, and the fact that they had left Mexico at 2 am the same morning to arrive in Dallas, front man Luke Pritchard was still willing to work the crowd, though due to a plugged in mic, he was unable to move as freely as he usually does.But there is more to The Kooks than Luke Pritchard, the rest of the band performed top notch right along with him. Newest member, Alexis Nunez‘s drumming is some of the best the band has ever had and adds to the pulsing beat of the newer songs they played. Peter Denton , who is always good with the bass, especially shines in Junk Of The Heart, and the jangly guitar playing of Hugh Harris, who sported bright blue beachy fingernails,  make most of the songs what they are.DSCF0345wm

Despite the heat. Despite the long hours traveling. Despite the small crowd due to it being so early, The Kooks still managed to perform like they were performing for a sell out crowd and pull off a fantastic show, but then again, don’t they always?

Set List:

Oh La

Bad Habit

Always Where I Need To Be


Forgive and Forget

Junk Of The Heart


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