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The Last Shadow Puppets to Ride Again…?

There’s been mumblings and rumors about a sophomore album from The Last Shadow Puppets (aka Alex Turner, Miles Kane, as well as James Ford) for years. Countless pleas and questions from fans on social media and it ultimately felt as if anything other than a brilliant bromance (see the “bezzies” dance at the Strokes Hyde Park gig down below) was out of the question. So anything else from the dynamic duo seemed to be one of life’s unanswered questions, although there has always been speculation.
For instance when there was talk of when they incorporated a business entity for the possible recording of TLSP2 but it was all hearsay and online speculation from fans. Adding more fuel to already growing fire, was what happened this weekend (actually it was on Friday).
A single tweet sent fans into a frenzied spiral of emotions thanks in part to the one and only Blake Puente (who, thankfully runs Arctic Monkeys U.S.) who retweeted it on Saturday. The original tweet (below) from Owen Pallet has since been suspiciously deleted, which furthermore ignites the rumor.
Sources (Blake) say there may be a March release (perhaps just in time for Coachella..?), either way we will make sure to have coverage on TLSP2.

Alex Turner, Miles Kane, and master producer James Ford released their ONLY album via Domino, The Age Of Understatement is wonderful blend of retro ’60s mod-inspired whimsy filled with a brooding and sultry orchestral balladry which earned them a Mercury Prize nomination in 2008. They had occasional reunions, for instance this incredible and surreal moment that was at Finsbury park….

The GATRS are waiting to hear any kind of official word (not that we don’t trust Blake) because it seems too good to be true… Is this real life? Will there FINALLY be TLSP2?? We have so many questions but until then, we are enjoying the fact that the Last Shadow Puppets may be riding again. After all, it is the perfect moment for their return. Arctic Monkeys reign and world-conquering came to a close December 2014 and as much as we’d love for the guys to return, it’s not their time. AM was a beast of an album which caused them to tour more than ever before and as three out of the four monkeys have now added babies to their growing families (although baby Helders has yet to be born) the time off from touring and music is well deserved. So to commemorate this special occasion, here is a perfect example of their bromance which all “Milex” fans love.


For the hell of it, here’s a blast from the past to get you to reminisce of the good ol’ days…

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