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The Libertines “Glasgow Coma Scale Blues” & “Anthem For Doomed Youth”

The Libertines have been quietly releasing surprises left and right for instance, their secret pub performance in Camden and their upcoming Somewhere Over The Railings listening parties (tickets are all sold out and proceeds go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation) across the U.K. The lads have curated some regional events across the Isle where fans will be able to hear the new long player Anthems For Doomed Youth in full before its release before anybody else has heard the record, so if you’re in or around Kings Heath, Bristol, Chatham, Exeter, Glasgow, Manchester or Stoke and have a ticket… Well the GATRS are incredibly jealous of you all.
There is some good news for the rest of the world though, tonight there was another surprise from the likely lads. Their official Facebook had this post…

A reward for nightowls. The brand new tracks ‘Glasgow Coma Scale Blues’ and ‘Anthem For Doomed Youth’ are available to download instantly now on iTunes at when ordering the record. If you’ve ordered via our store, then they’re already yours. Here’s the former of the numbers. It’s so great to put new songs in your pocket.

Sadly Glasgow Coma Scale Blues and Anthem For Doomed Youth is not available in the U.S. iTunes just yet but you can pre-order Anthems For Doomed Youth here.

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