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The Libertines “Heart of the Matter”

The Libertines recently released their album, Anthems for Doomed Youth (check out our track-by-track review), and now they have shared a brand new video for their track Heart of the Matter. Directed by long time friend Roger Sargent, the video takes place in a booth where customers pay (some customers are unfazed, others cheer on, and one is saddened) to watch Peter Doherty and Carl Barât seemingly interrogate and torture some poor unfortunate souls who, spoiler alert, turn out to be themselves. Fellow Libs, John Hassall and Gary Powell also watch on and even at times enable or joining the turn of events. The depiction perfectly describes the tempestuous roller coaster that the Libs have been on. It’s honest of the struggles that they have faced dealing in the public eye. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember that these guys are human and deal with hardships and addiction, while they are skewered by the public for “not being good while sober” (actual comment I’ve read) and they miss the debauchery and drug-filled lads from the good ol’ days. It seems that they can never please anyone, which is perfectly represented in this video… So to Carl, Pete, John, and Gary fuck the rest and continue to do you. It’s good to have The Libertines back.

On the Libertines official Facebook, they had this to say…

Some words here from our long time friend and collaborator Roger Sargent, director of “HEART OF THE MATTER.”
“The Libertines have never been a band to lack candour or bravery… almost to a fault. Their honesty, their friendship has played out, in the public domain often with catastrophic consequences. In ‘Heart Of The Matter’, Peter and Carl reflectively talk about the damage and abuse they have caused themselves over the years, openly mystified that they have survived thus far. It’s a catharsis, a bleak, bold and brave one. To that end, when we talked about making the video for the song we all felt it had to be similarly honest. The unsettling subjects could not be shied away from. On the contrary, these had to be faced head on.”
– – –
If you feel effected by the issues raised in this video check here for further information:


Watch below.


Anthems for Doomed Youth is out now.

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