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The Neighbourhood Release Album “Wiped Out!”

The Neighbourhood have released their second studio album, Wiped Out! and this has had many fans excited to finally hear some new tunes from the band. They are currently on their European tour and have already toured North America and the UK with many sold out shows.

The album starts out with A Moment of Silence which is literally thirty seconds of silence. I think they did this to give you a moment to prepare for a mega album. The next song is one of my favorites and is also one of their stronger tracks. Prey is the title of this upbeat and jazzy sounding song. The lyrics immediately captivate you, it’s a very catchy song. Moving on to the fifth track called The Beach, it is more of a slow, sad style song which The NBHD are very good at creating. Daddy Issues is one of many people’s favorite songs off of this album, not only because the name is cool, but it reminds me of their mixtape they released about a year ago which was also a big hit. The eighth song Greetings from Califournia has a very calming intro with sounds of waves washing onto the beach and this track also keeps their mixtape feel throughout the song. On the eleven song album, I think they saved one of their best songs for last. R.I.P. 2 My Youth was one of the biggest hits from this album. It touched many hearts with catchy beats to master lyrics that are fun to sing. If you haven’t heard this album yet, you can check it out here on iTunes.

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