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Concert Review: The Orwells at SXSW

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the Orwells four times this past year alone and all 4 shows were insane.
For those who don’t know the Orwells are a group of fresh out of high school guys hailing from Chicago but they are well on their way to being on everyone’s must watch list.
For a band that is just starting out they are accomplishing some pretty amazing feats, like opening for Arctic Monkeys which is a big deal for the band considering the guitarist told us they’ve listened and looked up to Arctic Monkeys since middle school.

Seeing these guys consecutively 3 times was such a pleasure since they change everything up each time.
The set list was hand written which meant the songs were never in the same order and they would throw in new material every night. Their energy described in one word is raw. Mario Cuomo, lead singer, gets down right dirty (in the best way) and in your face. The whole band gives everything they have, resulting in drum sets falling over, guitars flying, strings snapping and the band members just heaving (some times lying on the floor) at the end. If I see the band go wild and out, I can’t help but go crazy in the crowd as well and the Orwells more than delivered in that aspect. Mario Cuomo is an enigma that deserves his own paragraph. Dude is just fucking crazy and I respect his artistry.
The first night I saw him in Miami he straight up pulled his hair out during the performance and strangled himself with the mic cord.
He then handed over the cord to me in the crowd and encouraged me to strangle him. When I saw them perform again at SXSW on a rooftop venue and Mario was hanging off the ceiling half of the time.

Love it or hate it his stage persona is unforgettable and they certainly know how to put on a performance.
We were able to meet them separately after the show in St. Pete FL and I was lucky enough to Mario. He, along with the rest of the band, were all incredibly sweet actually. Posing for all kinds of crazy pictures.
They definitely have caught my attention and I’m can’t wait for the next time I’m able to see them.

The Orwells’ Disgraceland comes out on June 2nd.

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