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The Strokes to Take London’s Hyde Park

I called it. If you follow me on twitter, you know I was one of the one’s speculating about the Strokes as well, I mentioned that Hyde Park would be a top contender. Now it’s official.
The Strokes are taking London’s Hyde Park in June, this is what the email said…
Side note: Did anyone else notice that the emails were sent by Cult, Julian Casablancas label? We told you about that earlier.. It must be official too.


It’s been a while. How are you? Are you well? Are you warm? Have you made it through the winter? Well, we hope so. January in Castle Strokes saw us huddled around the heater in the Lotus just trying to keep the chill out. It was bad, y’know? Real bad. I mean, a Lotus for crying out loud…

It may seem a ways away but summer’s still happening this year and we wanted to let you know The Strokes are planning another trip for another show, this time in London’s Hyde Park on Thursday June 18th. And if that wasn’t enough for us to be all excited about we’re also stoked to tell you that Beck and Future Islands will be joining us on the day, which is pretty-freaking-awesome.

We’ve got an allotment of tickets that will be available for you guys to snag before Friday’s on-sale date. You can grab those HERE beginning tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9AM GMT while they last. And if you can’t get any through our pre-sale, the general on sale begins HERE.

Hope to see you there. Bring a friend, maybe one with a big picnic blanket who’ll let you have a go on their Oyster Card?”

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