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The Vaccines “English Graffiti”

The third full length album from the Vaccines was one I was very highly anticipating, to say the least. I heard Post Break-Up Sex in 2011 when it was featured as the iTunes free download of the week and The Vaccines have yet to disappoint me. I wasn’t surprised that Handsome is the opening track; it was the first single and it always felt to me like a good opening track with the unapologetic grooves and catchy riffs that Vaccines fans have come to recognize. I was pleasantly surprised to see Dream Lover as the second track; this was also the second single released before the album.

I didn’t initially think that it would be anywhere near the second track due to the tempo being a bit slower with a fuzzier vibe. It felt more like something to be placed in the middle of the album, but it all came together for me after giving the album a complete listen. Track number 4, simply known as 20/20 is one of my favorites, with the catchy chorus and non-stop energy that some of my other favorite Vaccines songs possess.

Lead singer Justin Young seems to crumble by the fifth track with a lovesick admission that he’s fallen in love. (All Afternoon) In Love is a delicate ballad with hints of violin and a soft drum beat, and it’s very refreshing and it fits well with the overall theme of the album. There is longing, tension and plenty of groovy fun to be had with English Graffiti, and it is definitely my favorite album of 2015 so far.