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Those 2014 concert moments that wowed Teri

I spent much of 2014 seeing the same three bands over and over and not realizing it until I began to look back on my planner while working on this post.

The Kooks topped my list with seeing them perform 10 times, quickly followed by Arctic Monkeys, 8 times and Temples 6 times. It is safe to say, that I probably saw more variety in opening bands than I did major bands. Hopefully in 2015 I will venture out a bit more when it comes to seeing bands, but anyone who knows me would probably tell you, I would be right back in front of The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys or Temples if given the chance.

I might also add, that my favourite moments might not necessarily be the actual concert, but the events that led up to or happened after the shows I am mentioning.


The whole experience of Lolla was a memorable one, but it started early the day before the festival started with a after show performance by The Kooks. I felt the need to queue up early and drove fellow GATRS Brandy insane while she decided to sight see along the river. As I nervously checked my watch every five minutes, she informed me..several times..that I wasn’t at an Arctic Monkeys show and there was no need to queue at 9 in the morning ( how did she know? She had never been at a Kooks concert and the show was sold out) Finally after having enough of my whining at 1 pm I wore her down and we went to the venue, where we set alone until 6 pm when the next person finally showed up ( Brandy kept flashing me dirty looks for some reason, but hey, I was right in front of Luke’s mic and that was the goal)

Lolla, itself was a lot of fun. While the rest of our group queued up at 5 am and hug the barrier all day waiting on Arctic Monkeys to finally get on stage, Brandy and I saw Jagwarma, Rudimental and Hozier, but most of the day was spent with various members of The Kooks and seeing them perform twice, and achieving a few major goals along the way. We ended up the night at the Arctic Monkeys show. So yeah, Brandy, I was kinda at an Arctic Monkeys show when it was all said and done!
#4-THE ONE THAT ENDED IN A TIE… The Kooks at SXSW in Austin Texas, March/Temples in Kansas City , October
It was hard to decide which of these concerts were the best for me, so I included them both, tho I will admit, I probably lean a bit more towards SXSW for several reasons. First of all it was a time when all of us were together, that doesn’t happen often. Plus we met and saw so many amazing bands, including Julian Casablancas, Drenge and Wytches. For years I have been a Kooks fan and I have seen them perform live, but have never gotten the chance to meet them. It is a nervous thing, meeting your favourite band. What if they are rude and unfriendly, and lets face it Luke Pritchard hasn’t got a shiny reputation on the internet at being friendly. Apparently the internet haters have never met The Kooks, much less Luke Pritchard, ask any of us GATRS and we will tell you he is an absolute sweetheart. Seeing them perform live again after 3 years was fantastic, especially getting a bit of a preview of the new songs that were to be released in October, but meeting them… That topped it all.

Then there was the Temples in KC. Over the course of the past year we have sort of forged a friendship with them ( mostly my hubbie. I just stand in amazement wondering how they can be guys and have such perfect makeup…hello..I am a makeup artist and mine never looks that good ) It was the last show we would be seeing them at before they left back to England so we were invited to stay afterwards and hang out over a few drinks ( I might have had MORE than a few drinks thanks to a certain band member) It was my first experience with Gin . At 4 am the party ended when they had to get on the bus and leave for the last few shows on the East Coast. I am ashamed to say, that I had to pull over several times on my way to Dallas because Gin is not my friend. I laughed more that night than I had any other time, the guys have wonderfully fun personalities, and I learned a lot about them, but mostly I learned, I will never again drink another glass of Gin in my life.

Fever The Ghost in Boulder Colorado, October 1st, the one opening band that made my little countdown.
I was in the Denver area covering a Kooks show when I was told Temples were playing a few miles up the road, naturally I couldn’t turn down a chance to see them, so off I went. Opening for them was a LA band called Fever The Ghost, I had never seen them live, heck I hadn’t even heard of them, and when lead singer Casper walked out in some sort of space aged wizards cloak he certainly captured my attention ( actually my first reaction was.. WTF is this and why I am having to watch it ) But by the second song I was texting fellow blogging partner Naomi saying “This is the best opening band ever.” The impressive guitar playing of lead singer Casper ( he could make sounds with this little game board looking thing I had never heard before ) and the way Bobby attacked his keyboards ( which reminded me of one of those macabre organ players in black and white horror movies) , hooked me in no time. I will admit, I was a bit disappointed when they left the stage, but that wasn’t the end of Fever The Ghost. During Temples encore of Mesmerize , they came back on stage in the most chaotic cluster fuck of a encore I had ever witnessed. As the Temples played, Casper and friends crawled around on stage throwing banana’s and plastic utensils at the crowd ( there was tons more going on but it was to much to keep up with ) Usually if I had gotten hit in the head by a banana I would be mad, but this time all I could think of was ” OMG I love this band” I am saddened that I only have one grainy video and a few blurry pictures of the encore.But keep your eyes on this band in 2015, I promise you they will catch your attention.
#2 THE ONE WHERE WE STOOD OUR GROUND…Arctic Monkeys Indy June 24
Every moment of this concert experience was memorable. I am from Tornado Ally, I usually cringe and run when I hear sirens going off in the late spring, early summer, tornadoes have taken out houses I have lived in. Yes I am a coward. But on the day we were queuing for the Arctic Monkeys, I surprised myself. The day was hot and steamy, ripe for a tornado to happen, but I thought nothing of it, I was in Indianapolis, do they even have tornadoes? Yep, they do. We had been in queue since 6 am, and we were at the front of the line. About 3 it began to rain, this had little effect on us, we had stood in rain a lot. A few minutes later a guard came and said that it looked like we were in for a storm, and that he would keep us informed, we just kind of smiled and went on with our conversation. Sometime later he came back and said that we were going to have to leave, a tornado had been confirmed on the ground about 3 miles from where we were and headed our way. Being from Oklahoma I looked up in the sky and announced that we were in the sun and if the sun is shining on us, we were not being hit by a tornado ( this is true, but it doesn’t mean the sky wont suddenly cloud over ) A few minutes later the sirens began to blare and the guard was getting a bit confused about us not leaving, we protested, we had been there for a good 8 hours, we were first in line WE WERE NOT LEAVING. Finally in an attempt to get us off the sidewalk and to safety he wrist banded all of us and assured us we would get our places back if we would just leave the premises.
After an hour or so of playing in an underground parking garage we finally decided to go back to line. The people who were all excited about being number one in line at such a late hour were not happy with us when the guard ushered us to the front.

With that settled we plotted our way to the stage, the venue had several ways in..we had them all covered and when the gates opened we took off to the places we were assigned and made a mad dash to the stage…did I mention the stage was in the middle of a field and after a torrential rain fall that field was muddy, and that it required some of us to run down a slippery muddy hill? Luck was on our side tho, and we all made it to the barrier and gathered in our usual places ( these are always under each of our favourite monkey ) . The concert was on of the best I have seen by Arctic Monkeys ( don’t believe me, I say that about each of the AM shows I see ) but the most memorable moment was when they played Knee Socks and transitioned into My Propeller . We loved the show, we left happy and very very muddy!
#1 The one where a song I dislike became my favourite…Kooks Denver Colorado October 2
Even when it is your favourite band , there is a song that is the least favourite of all their songs. That is how Seaside was for me. It isnt that I hated the song, there were just so many more good songs, that it was pushed to the end of my favourites list, that coupled with the fact that everyone posts versions of Seaside on their instagram when seeing The Kooks, like it is the only song they have.
It had only been a month since I had spent a week with the Kooks in several different places, and the day before the Denver concert I was lucky enough to be able to see them at an intimate radio show and visit with them again. So I was excited to go to the show and see them live again. As always, the show was great, but there was a moment when Luke picked up his guitar and pointed straight at me and said ” Ive got a song for you” Luckily Alex caught the moment on video, complete with Leigh screaming at me in the background, tho all of us were so shocked its a bit shaky . That is how your least favourite song, suddenly becomes your most favourite song and also Tops all other concert moments you could possibly have


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