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R.I.P Tommy Ramone

The GATRS are deeply saddened by the death of Tommy Ramone, the last remaining member of the original Ramones.
One of the first conversations that Naomi and I ever was when we met at a concert and we had a mutual love for the Ramones. I told her that Joey Ramone as well as the Ramones are the reason I love music.

I can not explain what happened all those years ago, when on a whim, I picked up their self titled album and took it home. When I put the needle to the vinyl and heard the first sound of Blitzkrieg Bop my life changed. Perhaps it was that defining moment when you leave your childhood music behind for real music but from that moment on, the way I dressed, and the music I listened to could be traced back to the Ramones.

Musically, the Ramones paved the way for future artists and without them there would be no punk rock or the sub-genres that have shot off from it. Basically, the music we listen to and enjoy here today would not exist as it is.

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