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Top 5 Albums of 2014: Brandy Edition

2014 has been a whirlwind of a year for me, with traveling all over the place to see these bands and new music coming out steady throughout the whole year, there was never a moment without music. Having a top 5 favorite albums list would leave out too much so these albums were put on repeat the most and were considered my soundtrack for the year 2014.


Skaters – Manhattan 


My wonderful GATRS crew introduced me to Skaters in the beginning of the year and I’ve been hooked since then. I missed every opportunity available at SXSW to see them and finally got to see them at GOV BALL later in the year. Skaters have steady been a part of every playlist made for every road trip I’ve been on this year.  With their engaging hooks and down to earth relatable lyrics, Manhattan is an album that can be played endlessly.

The Orwells – Disgraceland


I fell in love with an opening band. Ever since hearing them play live I’ve been captivated. Disgraceland is everything the Orwells had to offer plus a couple of new songs they didn’t play while opening for Arctic Monkeys. The album’s punk rock I don’t give a fuck attitude I guess really appealed to my wannabe degenerate side. Disgraceland was always played with the volume at max and always managed to boost my energy level.

Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence


I love anything Lana Del Rey releases and when it was announced that Dan Auerbach was producing her third record, my two favorites on one album, all my wishes came true. Strip the album of the lyrics and the bass line and the orchestra instrumentals would be enough to satisfy me. With goodies such as “Florida Kilos” and “Money Power Glory”, her songs told stories that I was eager to follow.

Alt J – This is All Yours


I was pleasantly surprised with Alt J’s second album. It was hard to imagine how the sound would develop after having such a unique tone for the first album, but  Alt J proved me wrong to ever doubt them. My favorite thing about this album was how they sampled Miley Cyrus in one of the songs. An unlikely mix but it was ingenious and worked really well.

Jack White – Lazaretto 


There’s a reason Jack White is considered the best at what he does. My first listen through of the album was rushed and I didn’t fully appreciate what he presented in the album. I then took time to really listen to each song and found at the end there wasn’t one that I wasn’t deeply interested in. His distortion of the instruments is captivating and the whole album is dense and very intense.

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