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Twin Atlantic’s New Album, GLA

Scottish rock band Twin Atlantic just dropped their fourth album, GLA.  From the moment you hit play, this album grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go.  The opening track, “Gold Elephant: Cherry Alligator,” hits the ground running with its heavy rock sound and lead vocalist Sam McTrusty’s screaming lyrics. Followers of the band will note the departure from their trademark sound.  Previous hits like “Brothers and Sisters” still warm our alt rock indie hearts, and tracks like “Overthinking” pull at familiar heartstrings.  It’s always good to see a band evolve, try new things, and step out of its niche sound. Twin Atlantic’s newest album does that and more.  Give these Scots a listen, do yourself a favor, and grab a copy of GLA.  You won’t be sorry.

http://Gold Elephant: Cherry Alligator

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