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Viola Beach: A Celebration

We along with many others still cannot believe the tragedy which happened to Viola Beach and manager Craig Tarry, it is truly heartbreaking. But despite all of the sadness, a number of artists have gotten together to perform a night full of memories and celebrate the lives of the five young men. The lineup includes The Coral, Liam Fray, The Kooks, Blossoms, Eliza and the Bear, Hidden Charms, The Vyrll Society, The Strawberries, and Psyblings. The show will take place at the band’s home town venue Warrington Parr Hall on April 2nd. This show is already sold out and all the proceeds will be going to the families of Viola Beach and Craig Tarry. Their lives will be remembered for forever. In memory of the band and manager Craig, listen to their track Swings and Waterslides.

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