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VNYL is the ‘Netflix of Vinyl Records’

These days who doesn’t have Netflix, it’s incredibly convenient and accessible, now keep that concept in mind for vinyl records. Enter VNYL. VNYL is a service that is marketing itself as the “Netflix of vinyl records”, it’s a straightforward concept.
To begin with, subscribers choose between several categories… Some examples of those are #danceparty, #vibes, #cooking, #betweenthesheets, #rainyday, and #work, etc. Next, the service sends a custom pack of LPs based on the #danceparty selection (or whichever you select) and users can keep any of the LPs for $12 each or return any record for another #danceparty selection at the end of the month.

Considering that 9.2 million vinyl records were purchased in 2014 (half were probably us GATRS, we kid… Sort of) it’s a brilliant move. Which brings us to VNYL’s competitors, Vinyl Me, Please sends subscribers a new limited-edition record each month for $23, Wax & Stamp and Klekt will both launch later this year across Europe.

With upsides also comes the downsides… We have to keep in mind whether the quality of the vinyl will hold up after monthly repeat use-and-return cycles. Potentially scratched LPs. Finally, as avid vinyl users/buyers we’re losing that crate digging experience which is one of my favorite things.  Either way it’s worth looking into, I may or may not have requested an invite from VNYL.

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