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Watch Adam Green’s “Never Lift a Finger” and Trailer for “Aladdin,” Starring Macaulay Culkin, Natasha Lyonne, Zoë Kravitz, Alia Shawkat, Francesco Clemente, and Matt Hitt

Adam Green is best known as one half of anti-folk duo The Moldy Peaches but typecast him as just a singer is premature, Green is an artist. Besides being a singer and a filmmaker, he’s an artist that creates vibrant and animated paintings as well as collages and papier-mâché sculptures. Which is the inspiration for the psychedelic and humorously subversive modern take on Aladdin. The trailer for his upcoming film stars Adam Green as Aladdin living with his dysfunctional family in a “regular” American town ruled by a corrupt Sultan with a decadent socialite daughter and manages to remix the classic tale of Arabian Nights that also stars Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development) and Macaulay Culkin who Green previously worked with on The Wrong Ferarri, a feature film shot entirely on an iPhone. Aladdin also stars Natasha Lyonne, Zoë Kravitz, Francesco Clemente, and Matt Hitt.


Speaking to Noisey about the project earlier this year, Green said:

“The movie is set entirely inside a papier-mâché world. Filmed in a massive Brooklyn warehouse, we constructed a papier-mâché painted universe where real actors could act as if they were inside a real-life cartoon. The goal was to make a sort of Wizard of Oz out of cardboard. We constructed 500 props and 30 rooms all out of phone books, newspapers, glue, and house-paint. In a way it felt like we were constructing an analogue version of the internet.”


1. Fix My Blues – 2:20

2. God = Humans – 0:15

3. Nature of the Clown -2:25

4. Aladdin are you Ok? – 0:04

5. Someone Else’s Plan – 2:47

6. Time Chair – 2:48

7. Never Lift a Finger – 2:27

8. Techno-Fungal Insect Species – 0:24

9. Birthday Mambo – 1:01

10. Chinese Dance Theme – 1:26


11. Me From Far Away – 2:53

12. Do Some Blow (With Me) – 1:49

13. I Only Take Cocaine – 0:09

14. Phoning in the Blues – 1:35

15. Trading Our Graves – 2:19

16. Life In a Videogame – 2:32

17. No Masterpiece Policy – 0:05

18. Interested in Music – 1:16

19. What is Dying Like – 0:55

Aladdin comes out April 15th in the U.S. and Canada and May 12th WORLDWIDE and will be available via iTUNES and AMAZON VIDEO-ON-DEMAND as well as through

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