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Watch Albert Hammond, Jr.’s “Muted Beatings”

Albert Hammond, Jr. delves right into the self-exploration of the dueling sides of heartache in the new video for Muted Beatings. Like the late great George Harrison, Hammond, Jr. has the ability to make a guitar gently weep and Muted Beatings isn’t any different. The track is the musical equivalent of a roller coaster with assertive and serpentine guitar chord progressions that have us metaphorically screaming from the peaks, gripping ourselves from the loop-the-loops, and keeps us guessing with every winding twist until the end.

As for the Fraser Rigg directorial, the Muted Beatings video also perfectly mirrors the juxtaposition of Hammond, Jr.’s new song with the contrast of visualization of light and dark. Hammond, Jr. has the ability to, metaphorically, grab listeners with his brutal honesty and vulnerability and holds a grip on them with his openness to his music. The video is no different, watch below.

“I followed Fraser into the abyss. He had a real vision he expressed by saying ‘Love is the one thing that transcends time and space.’ I felt like he was moved by the song and knew how to capture it visually. I understood what he meant but to me, the love didn’t represent human connection. I knew It would be the most universal way to show it visually but I found myself realizing the cycle of who I was and what I was about to become, with the death of my old self and the birth of this new person, was what transcended time and space. That love for life, that lust for life is forever reshaping itself.” – Albert Hammond Jr.

Muted Beatings will appear on the AHJ’s next solo album, Francis Trouble. The albums marks Hammond Jr.’s first solo album since 2015’s Momentary Masters is out March 9th via Red Bull Records.

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