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Watch Sheepy’s New Video for “Home”

Sheepy are Liverpool scoundrels Luke Jones (guitar/vox), Ollie Phillips (drums), and Irishman Villy Raze (bass).
They’ve captured our attention and our guilty pleasure of punk pop with their catchy and sharp tracks. Think Weezer meets Dead Kennedy’s.
They have unveiled the second video from their new album Alarm Bells out April 7th. Watch below.


Luke Jones had this to say about the new track and video, “this song is actually about when I was younger and didn’t feel like I could stay in Liverpool any longer, itchy feet. It doesn’t matter where you are from and I’d hear lots of people talking about where certain of their ancestors were from and on St. Patricks day where everyone “becomes” Irish for the day. Or they were born somewhere but moved when they were 3 months old. Everyone can be where they say they’re from, but it comes across that they are just trying to make themselves more interesting when they don’t need to.”
The video was filmed this in various locations. “The story is, what people probably think the song is about, trying to get home. We had lots of fun making this and were lucky with the weather as it had rained every day before and after, in cold, dark December. The first ride is Mad Car Pete, a psycho who is keeping a hostage, the second is two crazy guys who are overly into the songs, the third a boy racer who is unimpressed by the band, and the last is just a dude on a bike! I was so hungover on the day and really happy to be home in the end!” adds Luke.


Alarm Bells out April 7th via Blang Records. Make sure to catch Sheepy live, they’ll be touring in the UK, dates are below!

5th April – Fulford Arms, York

6th April – Alleycat, London

7th April – Studio 2, Liverpool

8th April – Ferret, Preston

12th april – Pop In, Paris

13th april – Kult 41, Bonn

14th april – Knoflook, Den Bosch

1st July – Wonkfest, Dome, Tuffnell Park

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