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The GATRS Chat with The Britanys

After seeing and hearing Basketholder by New York band The Britanys, we were hooked and knew we needed to find out a bit more about them, so naturally we asked them for a few minutes of their time….

 Tell us who you are and what each of you does in the band?

Jake: trash bird // wild card
Lucas II: the crab // muscle
Lucas I: the dog // brains
Steele: just steele // the looks

 It seems I woke up one day and The Britanys were EVERYWHERE. All
over our social media while the day before… Nothing (or maybe we were
just not looking in the right places). Have you become one of those rare overnight sensations, or have you been at this for awhile?

It’s hard to say being so close to it. It doesn’t feel like overnight, I don’t know if a couple of years can count as overnight? We’ve all been friends and playing music for quite some time but I guess you could say we have been taking it more seriously as of late or at least understanding the game more.

 Can you explain the band’s name?

The band name was never too important to us, always about the songs and the music itself.

We have read that you are Velvet Underground fans. Has Lou Reed
played a part in influencing you as a band?

I guess you could say so, think we’re more influenced by images and for lack of better words feeling? That being said we are all very much so Lou Reed fans and admirers.

The Britany’s are often being compared to The Strokes while Lucas, your voice is often compared to Alex Turner and your “sound” is a much-needed revival of the early 00’s. Is this what you are aiming for?

I think the sound we’re aiming for is currently coming together, the things we have been up to recently are definitely strides in that direction but, no we’re definitely not aiming to be replicas. I think comparisons like that happen a lot when bands are first coming up so in that sense it’s flattering.

How much pressure does it put on a young band to be compared to two greats in the music world?

It’s always been about the songs and music to us, so I don’t think comparisons have ever really sunk in. Hopefully, they never will. We want to carve out our own little niche.

 Tell our readers why they should be listening to The Britanys?

Ahhhh, trying to be clever.. and honest.

What do you hope to achieve as a band over… Let’s say… The next two years?

We’re very lucky to work with people that are a lot smarter than us especially in this subject but in 2017 to put up our EP, tour as much as we can.. Hopefully venture overseas? Open for a lot of bands way bigger than us… Hopefully start work on an album. 2018, hopefully, be able to release the debut. From there who knows.

You are working with Jonathan Schenke on an EP, that is pretty impressive. How did this pairing come about?

Our master guru set the whole thing up. She represents him and put us in contact when we expressed interest in recording in a proper studio here in New York.

Your video for Basketholder is self-made. What made you decide to take
on the project yourselves?

We wanted to have a video to accompany the song and when we couldn’t lock in a director or proper budget we figured it’d be best to make something ourselves and throw it on our facebook page for people to check out casually. We didn’t expect it to find a home on NME but it was a real sweet twist!

Three essential songs for every Britanys road trip?

American Badass by Kid Rock,

New York by Ja Rule feat. Fat Joe & Jadakiss,

All Star by Smashmouth.

 Parting words for our readers?

Our bassist, Lucas II, is a star chef. Come over for some dank tacos, chili rellenos, and smoothies.

We’d love to thank Lucas, Jake, Lucas II, and Steele for taking the time to speak with us. In case you’ve somehow missed The Britany’s music, here is Basketholder.


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