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Wesley Fuller Takes Us Back To The Summer Of Love With His Pop Hit ” #1 Song “

Melbourne based Wesley Fuller has made his debut album, Inner City Dreams, a true solo project, by writing, recording, producing and mixing it at various studios ( including his own ) around the city. The album which will be released 22 September on 1965 Records, gives us the worldview of a young man trying to come to terms with his place, both physically and symbolically.

Along with the album announcement he has also released the first single, #1 Song, a pop infused song that will transport you back to the Summer Of Love.  It has all the bones of a classic pop song, upbeat, danceable music and soaring vocals.  There are times, especially now, where we need to throw off the bullshit and just enjoy the music and #1 Song  allows us to do so. Fuller certainly seems to understand this ..

“I think the next few years will be a very interesting time for pop music. The world is in a crazy state right now and it feels as though something will have to give pretty soon. There’s plenty to write about. But do people want to hear protest songs or do they want to escape reality? Perhaps there’s a new sound around the corner. Who will turn on the light?”

Listen to #1 Song below:


Plus…can we say…we are just really digging his sunnies!

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