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Band of the Week: White Room, Watch Their Newest Video “Stole the IV”

Any band that has impressed Paul Weller is bound to be going places, and that is just what Brighton’s White Room have done, the Godfather himself said they were ones to watch and  watch them we have. We have been keeping eyes on them for sometime, watching them release several hard-hitting singles and watching as they move across the UK gaining hundreds of followers.

Their musical influences range from The Beatles, The Doors, Tame Impala, and Pond. It is easy to see many of these in their modern take on psych music.

Their newest single, Stole the IV is really gaining  praise from all over, I was recently in Dallas spending a few days with some friends from Sydney, the song came on my iPod and they were telling me how they hear it often on the radio over there. I will admit, I am a sucker for a band with a tambourine and they skillfully use it throughout. We also need to give them a shout out for having Joise (their kick ass bass player) in the band, so great to see a predominately driven male band embracing the female aspect!

Watch the brand new video for Stole the IV below:



White Room are:

Jake Smallwood ( vocals and tambourine man )

Jacob Newman ( Guitar )

Tristian Sava ( Guitars/Keys )

Hen Sava ( Drums )

Josie ( Bass )

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