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Who Needs The Main Stage: Our Guide To 10 Of The Best Acts At Jack Rocks/This Feeling Tent

Spending your upcoming weekend at Reading Festival? Yep, the line up is fantastic, with the likes of Liam Gallagher, Eminem, Kasabian, Muse and so much more, but we think you should skip the main stage and hang with the bands of the future at the Jack Rocks/This Feeling tent.

Playing there is the best indie, underground bands there are right now. These bands ARE the headliners of the future. Bands such as Trampolene, The Shimmer Band, Broken Witt Rebels and so much more are treating festival goers to one hell of a musical party.

While we think the entire lineup is fantastic and not to be missed, we are highlighting our “ OMG you have to see this band live ” acts. So pull up your chair and get ready to rock with 10 unforgettable UK bands….


False Heads

I have to admit…I am totally obsessed with these London boys. Their pop rock is some of the best out there right now, loud enough to rock out to, but just catchy enough to be stuck in your head for days after listening. DO NOT MISS THEM.


Avalanche Party

Yorkshire’s Avalanche Party is garage rock at its best and as Alan says: ” You know they are something when all the other bands are speaking about them “


Shimmer Band

Hailing from Bristol, this band is magical and explosive with its spaced out psych-rock sound, easily putting them in the run with more popular psych bands.



Giving us some of the best political protest songs since the 60’s, this band is the real deal when it comes to writing about the hellish state the world is in right now, and then putting it to some loud music, giving us the perfect reason to blow off some steam.

White Room

Also an obsession with me at the moment. I can’t get enough of this Brighton Band, it could be the Tambourine, an instrument I think is sooo under used! Not a song yet I haven’t loved to keep on repeat.


Bang Bang Romeo

Until Antastia and Bang Bang Romeo, I was not a fan of female singers, but her voice is by far one of the best out there right now. Adele who???


Strange Bones


Punk rock anarchy, who doesn’t need a bit of that right now??


Just good rock and roll from the streets of London



Missing Britpop? Look no further,  Vida is your answer. Smooth tunes, and Scottish,( says the girl with Hamilton as the last name )  it’s a win win!



Is there magical music water to drink in Sheffield? If so, Sheafs has had a sip and is the latest on a long list of great bands to come from that area. Great low key punk rock to get you up and moving.


Take it from us….we could name a few of these bands, that will soon find their way to the Main Stage at many festivals, but seeing them, in the beginning, is so satisfying. 

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