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Wolf Alice Live at First Avenue in Minneapolis

The London four-piece Wolf Alice performed live at the iconic venue First Avenue yesterday the fifth of October. When the tour was announced, I had immediately bought tickets to this show because I knew it’d be one to not miss out on. They have been working hard on gaining recognition and listeners since 2010 and have definitely had one of the best year’s yet, from playing tiny clubs to selling out the O2 Brixton Academy in London, they are on an extreme rise to fame. Wolf Alice are made up of Ellie Rowsell (lead vocals/guitar), Theo Ellis (vocals/bass), Joel Amey (vocals/drums), and Joff Oddie (vocals/lead guitar). The last time they were in Minneapolis, they played a sold out show at the Turf Club, which is a capacity of about 350 people. The mainroom at First Ave is about 1500, so you see clearly how fast they are gaining fans. After getting to the venue several hours before doors, no one showed up until about thirty minutes prior to when the doors’ were said to open. The radio station Go 96.3 (local station who plays Wolf Alice) had a contest in regards to letting fans in to see the soundcheck and a picture with the band. We were offered to go in for soundcheck and couldn’t decline. Theo was asking what two songs they should play and one man said Giant Peach, my friend saying 90 Mile Beach which is from their very first EP. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the equipment for 90 Mile Beach and we requested She instead, which is also from their first EP. The soundcheck was amazing, they really live up to high expectations and it was an honor to go in for the soundcheck. Doors opened around 7:10 PM and we all headed to claim our spots up in the front, anxiously waiting for the opening act Drenge to come on. They took the stage around 8:45 and completely rocked it, I was looking around in the crowd to see if other people were digging them too, and they were doing just that by head banging and throwing up their hands to the heavy beats. After the set was over, you could feel the crowd inching closer to the stage getting ready for Wolf Alice. When they finally took stage with their sixteen song set, the crowd was bouncing to the grunge beats and vocals, really enjoying themselves and feeling the music. I was very impressed with their stage performance and energy, everything being perfect and having absolutely no complications on stage, it made for such an amazing show to be at. The set consisted of:

  1. Your Love’s Whore
  2. Freazy
  3. Bros
  4. You’re A Germ
  5. Soapy Water
  6. Lisbon
  7. Silk
  8. The Wonderwhy
  9. Storms
  10. Swallowtail
  11. Fluffy
  12. She
  13. Giant Peach
  14. Turn to Dust
  15. Blush
  16. Moaning Lisa Smile

Big things are to come for this band, if you haven’t seen them live before I highly advise you to do so.

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