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10 Must-See Artists at Dot to Dot Music Festival in Bristol

Dot to Dot Music Festival is an iconic festival that happens every year in three cities: Manchester, Bristol, and Nottingham. The festival is known for always having an amazing lineup, and this year’s surely doesn’t disappoint. We have hand selected ten must-see artists that you simply can’t miss out on… Check them all out below for D2D in Bristol.

#1 Johnny Lloyd  (O2 Academy @ 16:45-17:15)

Johnny Lloyd is a singer-songwriter and former frontman of Tribes. He is now pursuing his solo career which is going amazingly. He has a stunning voice that everyone is sure to love and appreciate. The reason I chose him as a must-see artist is because he is one of the most talented artists in the industry and deserves to be known by everyone. Pilgrims is one of my favorite tracks by Lloyd for its soothing sound and raw, catchy vocals. If you’ve not heard of him before, you should definitely listen to Pilgrims below.

#2 SWMRS (The Fleece @ 14:15-14:45)

SWMRS are a grungy, post-punk band from California that I have absolutely been loving lately. If you’re a fan of bands like Yak, then SWMRS are definitely for you. they’ve just recently released their third studio album entitled Drive North which was an absolute banger. One song that really stood out to me was their title track off the album. The song can be described as an in your face punk rock/garage rock tune that’s sure to have you head banging. Listen to the track below to see what you may have been missing out on.

#3 Rinse (SOTN Outdoor Stage @ 17:15-17:45)

Rinse are a four-piece summer grunge band from Stoke-on-Trent that are absolutely killing it out there. They are an up and coming band that are sure to go extremely far in the music world. After first listening to their track Taser Party, it was instant love for this band. The cleverly written lyrics and beautifully put together instruments really captivate you and transport you to a different world. I absolutely love this band and their music, give them a much deserved listen below.

#4 Sundara Karma (O2 Academy @ 17:45-18:15)

Sundara Karma are one of the most talked about bands right now in the UK, and we have been loving for a very long time. They are known for their unique, dreamy sound that truly captures your full attention. Loveblood is definitely one of the band’s strongest tracks, and I could personally have on repeat for months straight. Frontman Oscar has a gorgeous voice that is always perfectly in tune with whatever song he is singing. The band is on the path to big successes, make sure you check them out below.

#5 Estrons (Thekla @ 18:00-18:30)

The upcoming Welsh rock band Estrons are an absolutely phenomenal band, especially live. They have been announced for many iconic festivals this year, alongside making their debut in America at SXSW. Make A Man is one of the greatest songs I’ve heard in a while, its raging melody and relatable lyrics make for one hell of a track that any lover of music is sure to love. Listen to this banger of a tune below.

#6 Fews (The Island @ 19:30-20:00)

Fews are an up coming UK/US/Swedish quartet that are known for all of their brilliant guitar-based tracks. With their debut album released on May 20th and getting announced for several big festivals, they are growing rapidly across the globe. The Zoo is a song from the band that absolutely stops you in your tracks; it’s truly mind-blowing. Be on the lookout for Fews as they are going to get big very soon, and put on a live show that’s truly life changing. Listen to The Zoo below.

#7 Dancing Years (The Fleece @17:15-17:45)

Dancing Years are an upcoming band from Leeds that are becoming more and more talked about everyday. The band have just released their debut EP in February, which was not only a lyrical masterpiece, but an instrumental masterpiece as well. Learn To Kiss is probably one of the most raw, and gorgeous song that has ever filled my ears with. You are definitely missing out on something beautiful if you haven’t listened to them yet.

#8 Blaenavon (The Island @ 20:30-21:00)

Blaenavon are a youthful trio from Liphook that have been filling my ears with delightful music for a long time coming now. With the announcement of their debut album, I can’t help but get excited for the release that’s going to be one of the best debuts in history. I Will Be The World is the first single off of their album and is astonishing at how amazing it sounds. It has a different feel to it than the older tracks from Blaenavon, but it definitely doesn’t disappoint at all. The band is certainly not one to miss, listen to their first track off their debut album below.

#9 Reigning Days (O2 Academy2 @ 16:15-16:45)

With the release of their huge single, Empire, this year is sure to play out well for Reigning Days. The single is what the band are all about: rock ‘n’ roll. Empire is a complete rager that will have you banging your head to the roaring beats in no time. This is definitely one of those bands to watch out for, have a listen to the raging track below.

#10 The Jacques (Start The Bus @ 12:45- 01:15)

Last but certainly not least, we can’t forget the Bristol based band, The Jacques. This modern-punk, four-piece consists of two sets of brothers, who certainly know what they’re doing when it comes to writing banging tunes. This Is England is just one of those songs that really sticks out to me for obvious reasons; its catchy melodies, cleverly written instrumental pieces, and stunning background vocals. I’ve had this song on repeat for a very long time, and it only gets better with each play. You certainly won’t regret listening to this track below.

For more info, tickets, and more visit their website here for everything you need to know.

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