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We Interviewed the the loud and rowdy False Heads, Get To Know Them

Listed as one of our top seven UK bands the US show be listening to, False Heads are made up of East London boys  Luke Griffiths ( Vocals/Guitar ), Jake Elliot ( Bass ) and Barney Nash ( Drums ). They have been on our radar since Alan, our honorary rock boy, brought them to our attention. Their music is hard and loud, what rock and roll should sound like, and gaining the attention of greats such as Iggy Pop.

It only seemed natural, that the next step to introduce this band to the US, was to have a chat with leadman Luke…..

 Please tell us a bit about False Heads and a random fact about each member.

We were all friends and secondary school. Jake and Barney were in a band. I went to uni to make a band. That failed miserably. I then came back and made a band with Jake and Barney and the rest is history, kinda. A random fact? ermmm, I pissed on Jakes’ head whilst he was asleep at Reading Festival, Jake has a masters in English and Barney has seven toes. 

 You have been busy gigging this year, tell us about your most stand out gig.

Isle of Wight for sure. Fucking amazing. Playing a rammed tent at a major festival, just nothing beats it. Nothing. 

 What song, when played live, seems to connect with your crowd the most.

I’d say probably people go the most nuts at our last track, Wrap Up. And we’ve played gigs where people have known the words and we’ve never put it out, so that’s pretty cool. Well, I say they know the words, they know the end bit, haha and I do repeat that about 20,000 times. Slew always goes down really well as well. 


Describe your music to our readers

Crack Rock Snot Pop
 Did you grow up in musical families

Barney did, Jake and I didn’t really but my dad loves pretty decent music and same goes with Jake.

 What is the first song you remember hearing that played on you emotionally

Ah that’s such a difficult question haha I’ve got like five that made me feel something really odd, weird and kinda deeply miserable at just how beautiful the songs were. Something in the Way by Nirvana, Where is My Mind? by the Pixies, Karma Police by Radiohead, Oh Well, Okay by Elliott Smith and Wonderwall by Oasis. 

 Is there a certain band or artist that made you want to start playing music

First three were Nirvana, Bob Dylan, and Eminem.
 What is the story behind the band’s name
I wrote down False Hood, I didn’t have my glasses on, misread it as False Heads, thought that sounded cool and thought it summed up most people that live in East London/Essex. Divs man.
You are able to perform with any musician ( or Band ) dead or alive, who would it be
Dead // David Bowie
Alive // Thom Yorke
 Where do you see yourselves as a band in 5 years
Biggest in the world yo.
 Your guilty pleasure song

Kiss Me by Sixpence in your pocket and none the wiser or richer or whatever the fuck they are called 

 A song you would dedicate to a girl

Gay Bar by Electric Six


 Three essential songs for any road trip

Fell in Love with a Girl – The White Stripes
Anarchy in the UK – Sex Pistols
Drive my Car – The Beatles
If a big producer were to make a movie about False Heads. Which actors would you want to play each of you
Luke // Owen Wilson
Jake // Hugh Grant
Barney // Jim Carey
 What is coming up for the band
More festivals, tours, support slots and more big news we can’t talk about. 
Stuff we can talk about haha
Tramlines Festival
28th July – Jack Rocks Showcase – Nambucca
21st September – 229 London supporting Trampolene with Breed

22nd September – Sticky Mikes // Brighton 

 Parting words for our readers

Hope you enjoyed the read you beauties 


Pictures by Alan Wells 

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