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5 Best of… All Time Low

Photo by Adam Elmakias Photography courtesy of All Time Low's Facebook.

Remember those good old MySpace days? I do. It’s where I encountered my first loves All Time Low. It was 2007 and I was 14. Being from Baltimore, MD I had close to a hundred friends on my MySpace profile from Baltimore. Clicking on one profile in particular led to me falling in love with suburb Baltimore boys from Towson, Maryland. Dear Maria, Count Me In played through my desktop computer speakers and I hit replay at least 15 times that day. After finding out the band comes from Baltimore, MD my hometown – I was hooked. I went out and bought their second album So Wrong, It’s Right. As I played the album on repeat from my stereo, I fell in love with all the songs on the album and not just the idea of them being from my hometown. This led to my obsession and to All Time Low becoming my favorite band. I even went back and bought the 2006 EP Put Up or Shut Up. Fast forward to 2016, the band has now released six studio albums and continues to excel in every way possible. So here it goes, for picking my Top 5, if only we could do a Top 20!


5. Something’s Gotta Give was the first single released from their sixth album, Future Hearts. Of course, I attended the “Future Hearts Tour”, but instead of spending my money on merch I spent it on shots and beers…oops. Something’s Gotta Give was the first I’ve heard of All Time Low since Don’t Panic was released in 2012. “Someone please come pull me out from the shadow of my doubt” is just the old school kind of lyrics we all enjoy. The song is so catchy after a few times on repeat you’ll fall in love with this tune.


4. After saying goodbye to Interscope records and returning to their first home Hopeless records, For Baltimore was the second song released from their fifth album Don’t Panic. I attended the Rockshow at the End of the World Tour although since I was not 21 there was no drinking involved, but I held up my Baltimore Ravens sweatshirt as Alex Gaskarth pointed to it with a smile. For Baltimore drags you in with the story of a guy trying to get the girl and we carry on. “The city comes alive when we’re together” takes me to the nights spent on Baltimore streets and not wanting the night to end because you can get lost in the moment. The acoustic version is just as spectacular as the original. “Just do it for the memories, do it for Baltimore.” This song will become one of your favorite songs to listen to on a night out. I play it especially on Thursday nights. Ha.


3. Stella is the fifth song from their third album Nothing Personal. I was only 17 when the album was released, but it was an album I replayed all summer long. It takes me back to meeting my first love, getting in trouble, and being attached to my stereo. I attended Vans Warped Tour in 2009 to see All Time Low. Girls flashing the band on the shoulders of boys, mosh pits, and sweaty Jack Barakat jumping into the crowd is the special treat I received from attending. Stella was different to me then as it is to me now. When I was 17, it was a catchy tune that I would sing in my car driving to hang out with friends. At 23, I can say I fully understand “3pm on my feet and staggering.” Day drinking is nothing to toy with, but we always get carried away. It definitely needed to make this list.


2. Six Feet Under the Stars was the first single from their second album So Wrong, It’s Right. I attended two concerts in the same year. Shortest Tour Ever was my first concert that I had ever attended at the age of 15. With the show being at Rams Head Live it was an amazing experience to watch All Time Low perform at home. The second concert that year was in St Petersburg, FL at Jannus Landing (now Jannus Live) for the Compromising of Integrity, Morality, & Principles in Exchange for Money Tour. After having some items stolen from my bag and being separated from my sister and friend, it was well worth it. They played a bunch of older songs as well as Six Feet Under the Stars. Six Feet Under the Stars is just an all around great song. In the song, they name two connecting streets which is easy to relate to if you’ve ever been to Fells Point for the nightlife in Baltimore. Listening to this song makes me think of home more than I thought I would, but it makes me feel a little closer to it.


1. Canals is the eighth song on their fifth album, but rereleased on Don’t Panic: It’s Longer Now! which includes four new songs and some acoustic versions of original songs from Don’t Panic. I originally didn’t discover this song until recently due to me not paying attention to the additions on the rereleased album. As it played through my speakers in the car, it had a catchy melody which left me listening to it on the drive home and hitting repeat to hear it again. Honestly, I can’t say too much about this song except that it blew me away for being an addition to a rereleased album. -Review by Brittany S.

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