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AKA George releases new video for ” Bad For You “

AKA George has made our job easier by writing his own PR and we felt it was better than anything we could write so we are sharing a bit of it instead. He also released a new Coronavirus inspired video for his new single Bad For You, which you can watch below the note from him….

i met tom sarig and signed to antifragile. i like him. and i like them.

at the risk of sounding like i reside up my own anus, i have an unwavering belief that music should be a PASSION. i love pop but i’m not interested in making cookie cutter music. whether i’m writing about sex, love, loneliness or revolution i want the songs to carry big emotions.

i write big, i sing big, i perform big. spirit is important…. and i always put my spirit into it – 100%.

so that’s where i’m at.

here’s my latest song “bad for you”. when asked for a quote, i said this about it:

“Bad for you is about being in a toxic relationship… but being unable to resist it. I was craving it like a drug. I knew it was bad for me but i was never going to stop. I’m one of those people who goes all in. I don’t like half measures, if I’m doing something I’m doing it 100%. That can cause problems sometimes – you can get in too deep and things become messy, especially in a relationship – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

it’s a pretty good song. and even if you don’t like it it’s still only 1 minute 54 seconds.

i would promise not to delete it this time… but i can’t be trusted to keep promises. 

aka george

currently self isolating

march 2020

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