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Album Review:​ ” Perfectly Temporary ” by Live Well

“Everyone says I should write what I know”.  That line in the opening track of New York-based, Live Well’s album “Perfectly Temporary” rang true for me as I sat down to give them a listen. Call me a creature of habit. My music choices don’t vary much from what I’m currently into, but, this album brought back all the angsty and emotionally driven things I felt in high school, when an album like this would have found its home among my playlist. 

Perfect Temporary is perfect for those of us slowly trying to navigate the waters of adulthood while wanting to hold on to something that echoes of the past. It’s also perfect if mid-2000s emo punk is still the anthem of your heart. With a perfect balance of hard hitting tracks and melodically soothing ones, there is something for everyone. 

Live Well does a great job conveying the message of the album title, that life is at best and maybe also at its worst, it’s Perfectly Temporary. Drive Thru and Cardigan are two of my favorites on the album. Cardigan is that soft, slow, almost ballad that will really drive home the feeling of nostalgia this album brings. The melancholic lyrics about wondering if there is more to life is something we can all relate to. With its slow build throughout, its easy to make this song an anthem for your wandering heart. 

After listening to this album, I’m definitely going to see what all Live Well has to offer. With their brutally honest lyrics that relate to so many of us, it’s refreshing to see that kind of honesty and vulnerability in music.

If you’re like me, a 30-something millennial that grew up with a soft spot for emo punk, their lyrics will definitely ring true for how life can often feel. Even if you aren’t like me, this album is definitely worth a listen!

Track Listing:


Beach Time



Coked Out


Broad Street


No Escape

Drie Thru


Cool Bands

Perfect Temporary is out tomorrow September 6th. You can pre-order the album here

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