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Album Review: All Distortions Are Intentional Review by Neck Deep

We have had a week to listen and relisten to the new Neck Deep album All Distortions Are Intentional what do we think of it…..

Hello all! As the decade ended and a new started there was a list of pop-punk bands that were rumored to be putting out a new album and of those on the list were pop-punk super-band, Neck Deep. They had released their single “She’s a God” in 2019 so I, like many others, thought this might be a taste of what we would get on a new album, and in a sense, we weren’t wrong but we weren’t right either. The new album titled, “All Distortions Are Intentional” has a mixture of their later single, “She’s a God” but also explores some new musical genres on such songs like, “Quarry”.

When the first single for this album came out,” Lowlife”, I was very mixed. I found myself wondering the same things I wondered when I heard “The Peace and the Panic” for the first time, ‘Are they trying to shift further from their previous punk roots or trying to craft a perfect mix of the two?’ I found myself, like many others being lost and confused with what they were doing. Again, myself like many others I’ve spoken with on the topic found “The Peace and the Panic” as their transition album, a bridge almost, to the album we have now. I’m not trying to say their previous album was bad or anything because frankly, the album has grown on me tremendously to one of my favorites, rather it’s them changing and turning a chapter in their music. This album is a perfect representation of a smooth transition while not changing or straying too far from what your fans want.

On this album, we had been blessed by Neck Deep with 5 singles leading up to their late July release. The singles being, “Lowlife”, “When You Know”, “Fall”, “I Revolve (Around You)”, and “Sick Joke”. Of these, I cannot seem to pick a favorite. The singles are all perfect in their own light. Lowlife seems to be a connection between Ben and his audience to where he claims we (the fans) are lowlives or making fun of those who do the same to those that listen to the music. When You Know feels like one of those perfect love songs with a classic new era Neck Deep twist. Fall feels like another perfect love song about falling in love but wondering the age-old question, “Do they feel the same?I Revolve (Around You) is looking back on the relationship saying to yourself ‘Man, we’ve come so far in this from where we were before’ and thinking about who you were before you met this person. Sick Joke is about having daily struggles of depression. This is a song I truly connect with dealing with severe depression and anxiety myself. Some days it can be so hard to get out of bed or do even the simplest tasks and it can be true sometimes that, “I’d rather be happily dead or asleep”

This album is intended to be a concept album set in the fictional world of Sonderland. Our two main characters are Jett and Alice as they see themselves falling in love and their daily struggles. While the concept is there it isn’t overtaking the album. I can easily find myself connecting with these characters and also put myself in this story. I find this to be the beauty of the album and why I can pick it apart easily and listen to each song individually, or front to back, and still feel content with what I heard and get the message. 

Neck Deep has been one of my favorite bands now for many years, even getting my mom into them and other pop-punk bands like The Wonder Years. I find Neck Deep’s lyrics always resonating in me no matter the mood I find myself in be it heartbreak, love, happiness, or despair I can always find myself going back to their kind words reminding me “Life’s Not Out to Get You”.

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