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Album Review: Catfish and the Bottlemen- The Balcony

300x300xcatfish_and_the_bottlement_hb_170914.jpg.pagespeed.ic.RVtHqF_VDhCatfish and the Bottlemen have been having an incredible year.
CATB got their name after a busker that frontman Van McCann, met as a child in Australia.

Since the release of their first single late last year, they have been stringing us along, one single at a time.
Their performance at Reading and Leeds blew up the twitter universe. They have been credited to have had better performances than most of the headliners. Causing fans to wait patiently for the release of their debut album, The Balcony.
Can the album that is so anticipated be worth all the hype? In the case of Catfish and The Bottlemen, the answer is a loud YES.

The Balcony seems like that album you have been listening to for years. The first lead single, Homesick, is a good beginning. The movement of the song flows wonderfully starting at a slow pace, McCann’s voice is smooth as velvet. As the song quickly progresses, his voice takes on a grittier tone matching the tempo of the guitars as the song rips through a heavy solo before slowing down once again. It’s a sing-a-long worthy song that will most likely be stuck in your head after listening to it.

Kathleen and Cocoon follow up next. Both are released as singles, both are upbeat in tempo and will draw any newcomer straight in all the while keeping those who have been following since the beginning moving in their seats with anticipation on what is coming next. Kathleen is full of rocking guitars and hard pounding drums, giving us a taste of the range the Bottlemen have to offer. Cocoon, one of my favourites on the album is reminiscent of last years Peace in Love, if you added naughtiness to the lyrics.

The last half of the album brings us into new territory, leaving the singles behind.
The most surprising standout song on the album is Hourglass. Let us catch our breath before dumping us back in for more heavier songs, Hourglass showcases McCann’s softer side, the main focus being his booming voice in this semi acoustic song. It’s clear and confident but don’t let the sweet sound fool you, the lyrics are hardly as innocent as they would seem.

The Balcony is a stellar debut album. It’s 11 tracks gives us a bit of everything we want in an album, killer drum kicks, wailing guitar riffs, and a lead singer that has a amusing raunchy sense of humor in his lyrics. The vocal and instrument quality are strong throughout the album. It’s stuff mature bands put out, making us forget it is indeed a debut album.

The GATRS have been looking forward to this album for a while, we were so impatient for the January 2015 release that we just had to get it straight from England before that.
You can catch Catfish and The Bottlemen as they plan to tour the states next year, I’m sure you will see the GATRS there.

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