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Album Review: Hozier

The first time I heard Hozier sing, I was in Chicago for Lollapalooza. I stood in a field watching him sing a few songs until the person I was with pulled me along in another direction. I did not know who I was watching and never actually found out until a few weeks after Lolla. A feed showed up on my Facebook, some one on there had liked a page on a singer named Hozier (this would turn out to be the only time I have ever been thankful for the FB habit of showing you everything your friends like ).
I do not listen to the radio, so I hadn’t heard Take Me to Church yet but I was curious, so I clicked the link the song Hozier_albumfeatured and I realized, it was also the song that made me stop and listen during Lolla.

Hozier’s debut self titled album, leads off with Take Me To Church and is 13 tracks of moving music that seems to focus more on Andrew Hozier Bryne’s voice, than the music that accompanies it. He is a powerful singer, has a soulful and gritty voice that matches the tone of the sometimes dark and morbid stories this master storyteller has penned.

Take Me To Church deals with a failed relationship, which is described by using religious imagery. In A Week is a duet featuring Irish band Wyvern Lingo’s front woman Karen Cowley. It deals with two lovers dying in a field and their bodies being eaten by insects. Powerful lyrics, “I have never known hunger like these insects that feast on me.”

Morbid lyrics aside, you still kind of want to rejoice in the music. You forget the sadness he is telling because his voice is effortless. Almost honey like, it provides you comfort.

The album does have it’s upbeat moments, starting with the song Jackie and Wilson, a light hearted catchy tune with a nod to soul singer Jackie Wilson.

To Be Alone is a sexy song about passion and unrequited love. The song is raw and organically beautiful.

Someone New quickly gets caught in your head. The chorus repeating itself over and over until you could possily end up nauseated.

Hozier is a master storyteller and the songs draw you in quickly with their haunting melodies.
Hozier will be available tomorrow, I urge you to have a listen.

Standout Songs: Take Me to ChurchFrom Eden, and Sedated.

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