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Album Review — Kill My Coquette

LA-based rockers Kill My Coquette have recently released their self-titled debut. The GATRS were eager to check out the band’s energetic 5-track EP and we thoroughly enjoyed what we heard!

Influenced by such acts as Jack White, Lou Reed, and Joan Jett, Kill My Coquette manages to draw inspiration from all of these musicians, but put their own spin on things with their punk-rock sound (sprinkled here and there with hints of blues).

Admittedly, it took a few listens for the album to really resonate with me – perhaps because of singer Natalie Denise Sperl’s somewhat harsh vocals. Sperl’s singing style is a bit of an acquired taste, but upon subsequent listens, I began to appreciate that the gritty, raw quality to her voice, and the unique flavor it added to each track.

Immediate stand-out from the 5-song EP, “Festival Boy” is a mid-tempo dreamy track about finding love at a music festival. This track’s lyrics feature some clever references to a few famous rock songs – most notably Journey’s classic “Don’t Stop Believin’” – used to great effect. Another favorite is the closing track, “Post-Teenage Angst” – probably the heaviest song on the album, featuring some awesome riffs and heavy beats from lead guitarist Dave Stucken, bassist Mike Evans, and drummer Kelly Hagerman. This is another track where Sperl’s vocals are especially fitting, and the song brings the impressive debut to a strong conclusion.

Though it may require a few listens to ‘grow on you’ a bit, Kill My Coquette is definitely worth checking out, and I am very eager to hear more from the punk-rock quartet in the future!

The EP is available NOW on iTunes… Download it here!


Track Listing:

1. 3rd & Bonnie Brae

2. Festival Boy

3. Sweet Baby Blooze

4. Close to Me

5. Post-Teenage Angst

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