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Album Review: Movements – No Good Left To Give

Let’s make some movements with another album release coming out this Friday and with that, another record review! Southern California foursome, Movements, release their 2nd full-length album No Good Left To Give this Friday, September 18th via Fearless Records. I thoroughly enjoyed this album, so let’s dig into this review.

The first thing I noticed about this 12-track album was the lyrics and the emotions they express throughout each song. Exploring the different feelings felt in relationships, different aspects of mental health, loss, and the ups and downs of love with the sweet, smooth voice of lead singer Patrick Miranda. I love having songs with messages and lyrics that connect well with their audience—showing us that we aren’t alone in this world, there are people out there going through similar situations. No Good Left To Give, is an evolutionary album for the band, showing their growth and even better, really showing who they are and what they want to talk about with their music.

Those powerful, emotional lyrics are given an extra boost with the catchy, creative instrumentals in every song. Breakdowns throughout the songs leave you wanting more and the band definitely delivers. You can tell the songs really mean something to the band, you can hear the power in the vocals and you can feel the energy with every drum beat, bass line and guitar riff. Still holding onto their post-punk vibes, they found a way to express some deep stuff while creating songs that will be stuck in your head for days, making your feet tap and your head bob all day.

No Good Left To Give is one hell of an album and I suggest you all give it a listen when it drops this Friday, September 18th. If you love watching bands grow and evolve, this album is definitely for you!

Check out the track list:

1. In My Blood

2. Skin To Skin

3. Don’t Give Up Your Ghost

4. Tunnel Vision

5. Garden Eyes

6. 12 Weeks

7. Living Apology

8. Santiago Peak

9. Seneca

10. Moonlight Lines

11. No Good Left To Give

12. Love Took The Last Of It

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