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Ravi Shavi “Ravi Shavi”

Ravi Shavi are a four-piece rock band from Providence, Rhode Island and they have just released an album. Made up of Rafay Rashid (vocals/guitar), Bryan Fielding (bass), Wilmarth (drums), and Nick Politelli (guitar). This band has been smashing it for a few years now and have just released their album Ravi Shavi on June 2nd.

10547538_778393388849729_6273526479357863448_nStarting the ten track album off with the song Indecisions that reminds me of Vampire Weekend. Especially with some of Rafay’s vocals, they sound just like Ezra. The next track is Bloody Opus and is a very upbeat song, one that makes you want to throw your hands in the air and yell out the lyrics. Moving over to the fifth song called Local News and it’s occurring to me that I hear a lot of Vampire Weekend mixed with Circa Waves in Ravi Shavi’s sound. I love both of those bands and if you do too, you’ll love Ravi Shavi. Amphetamine is the sixth song off of the album and a really good one at that. I love the intro to the song, it’s very easy to catch onto and sing along with. The ninth song is called Critters. The intro of this song reminds me exactly of Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye. It took me a few minutes to place the song that it reminded me of, but I truly like that track a lot, it brings back some nostalgia for me with the intro of it. The last but not least song is Vacation Holiday. It’s probably my favorite on the album, the background music is very intriguing and enjoyable to listen to.

Ravi Shavi will certainly be doing big things soon and I can’t wait to see it happen for them. Take a listen to this album, you won’t have any regrets. Want more Ravi Shavi? Follow up with their Facebook, Twitter, and Website for more news and other information.

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