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Album Review: “Solutions” K. Flay

“Good News”K. Flay’s new album, Solutions, dropped on July 12th and honey, we are “Not in California” anymore. So, grab yourself some “Ice Cream”, sit back and relax but don’t be “Nervous”K. Flay never disappoints and this new album is perfect proof of that. After getting us ready with a few single drops of songs featured on the album a few weeks leading up to the full release, we finally got all 10 tracks to listen to on repeat until the end of time. 

Here’s the full track listing below: 

1. I Like Myself (Most Of The Time) 

2. Bad Vibes 

3. This Baby Don’t Cry 

4. Sister 

5. Nervous 

6. Good News 

7. Ice Cream 

8. Not in California 

9. Only the Dark 

10. DNA 

After listening to the album in its entirety (a million or so times), I gathered that the main themes are essentially just doing what you have to do to have the best life possible. Not letting bad people kill your vibe, learning to love yourself, letting people break your walls down and enjoying the little things. We can see these themes come into play with songs like “DNA”, where she admits that she has many traits from her father and she knows she can’t change her genes but she’s going to do her best to be her own person, “Nervous”, where she is talking about someone special and being open to love and feelings again and “Good News” simply being about how sometimes you just need some freaking good news—especially in a world full of bad news. 

K.Flay has always had a way of creating these awesome, bop worthy songs while also telling stories, expressing emotions and really relating to her audience. I think we can all say we are so over “Bad Vibes” and people trying to bring us down. 

As always, K. Flay does it for me. if you haven’t given this new album a listen, do yourself a favor, grab your “Sister” and do it. 

K. Flay every day.

*** Words by Ashley Wyland ***

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