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Album Review : The Faim State Of Mind

We were excited to be able to get an early listen to The Faim’s first full length album State Of Mind. Having been fans of the band since their EP, and seeing them live last year when they opened for Andy Black, we know how capable and entertaining the band actually is. It is one of the fun things about our job here, finding a band when they are young and watching them grow as a whole, and with State Of Mind that is what The Faim have done, they have matured in their music. They are more polished , more confident in themselves., and while there is always more room for growth with any band or person, State Of Mind is a solid debut.

The album features ten tracks, eight of which are new songs, and two that have been released before and are fan favorites. It begins with new song Tongue Tied, its a great beginning that will hook you in and lead you through the maze of music which shows the diversity of The Faim. It is a bold song with the confidence of lead singer Josh Raven shining strong. This leads right into the first single of the album Humans. The single was released back in July and could hold it’s own against any Twenty One Pilots song. It is an emotionally charged song both lyrically and instrumentational, about embracing your differences, something we all should do. Raven’s vocals are raw and emotional in places, it is the song that will propel these guys upward.

The next song is Summer Is  A Curse, it was first heard on the band’s EP of the same name. I am glad to see re-released on State Of Mind with its spikey guitar riff. It is catchy, and a powerful anthem that fans love live.

Infamous slows us down a little. We, like most that have seen them  have heard it , but this will be the first taste of it in a studio version and it does not disappoint , the piano intro is flawless and beautiful.

Amelie is the second song that has been previously released. This is certainly a fan favorite live. The driving drums and blistering chorus are the heart of the song, and Ravens soaring vocals drive it home.

Where The River Runs is a tear-jerker about a father/son relationship. The lyrics are honest and painful, and Raven’s vocals spew all the emotions associated with it. This is all backed by beautiful piano playing and soft soaring backing vocals. It eases you easily towards the ending of the album and into the title track State of Mind, which is the longest song of the album clocking in at over 4 minutes long. It is a strong song to end with, with a huge instrumental ending.

There are a few songs I left for you to discover on your own, these are just the few that stood out to me, and do listen to State Of Mind and discover the band on your own, they  have given you an album that will make you sing along with, dance to, and yes, even shed some tears. State Of Mind drops September 13th.


01.) Tongue Tied

02.) Humans 

03.) Summer Is A Curse

04.) Beautiful Drama

05.) Buying Time

06.) Infamous

07.) Amelie 

08.) Words Apart

09.) Where The River Runs

10.) State Of Mind

The Faim is : Josh Raven ( Vocals ), Linden Marissen ( drums ) Stephen Beerkens( Bass ) Samuel Tye ( guitar )

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